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unpaid ghost 7 audio voices hunt drama for looking

Fan Project [UNPAID] Ghost Hunt Audio Drama Looking for 7 Voices
Hello all! My name is ELV and I’m part of a Ghost Hunt fan group (GHHQ) that is ready to begin audio production on a scripted 10 scene audio drama. The drama follows the main cast of the anime Ghost Hunt as they work to solve a new case.
Knowledge of the show is not necessary but it might be helpful as we are looking for voices that will resemble each characters’ personality.

Available Roles:

Mai Taniyama; main character
[Image: latest?cb=20100824200520]
Personality: 16 years old, believes the best in people and is willing to fight for what she thinks is right. She is brave and adventurous but is also quite a romantic when it comes to her boss, Naru.
Voice recommendations: female
Audition lines:
• “Wow, so this is the haunted house? It’s huge, and pretty!”
• “Well how can we work when nothing has happened? Since Cecile went to the hospital this place has been dead boring.“

Ayako Matsuzaki
[Image: latest?cb=20110417014122]

Personality: Borderline haughty, she is confident in everything she say and does. A bit short-tempered, but she is a compassionate person.
Voice recommendations: female; near constant I-am-better-than-you attitude.
Audition lines:
• “It does seem out of place with the traditional look of the rest of the house. But that doesn’t make it creepy, Mai. “
• “I was merely walking around to see if I could sense anything and I sensed beautiful shoes and had to check them out."

Lin Koujo
[Image: latest?cb=20110813133856]

Personality: Solemn and reserved.
Voice recommendations: Male; low and relatively unemotive.
Audition lines:
• “Only briefly, once in my youth. If I remember correctly, there was a lot of Roman architecture.”
• “I will not be going to the hospital. Choose someone else."

John Brown
[Image: latest?cb=20110820191711]

Personality: Innocent and trusting, John is a priest and does his best to help anyone he can.
Voice recommendations: male; calming tone, always trying to appease someone. Australian accent is preferable
Audition lines:
• “It certainly is a miracle that she will only need to stay for a few days in the hospital.“

Masako Hara
[Image: 224237_1243981433919_300_300.jpg]

Personality: Calm and composed, she is a medium who doesn’t often show her emotions.
Voice recommendations: female; soft and steady tone.
Audition lines:
• “I have not visited Boston, but the parts I saw were fine, I suppose."

Yasuhara Osamu
[Image: 44789.jpg]

Personality: cheerful and helpful but has an innocence about him that hides his mischievous side.
Voice recommendations: male; very emotive.
Audition lines:
• “Hang on, isn’t that where the Salem Witch trials were?“


Personality: OC, old and grouchy
Voice recommendations: male or female; audibly aged
Audition lines:
• “Sorry I was in the back and - Who are you?“
• “Perhaps. Though I’m not sure if I have much time for a hooligan such as yourself."

Anyone who is interested in one or more characters should email their auditions to by the 17th of March.

Casting will be confirmed by the 20th with those who were chosen gaining access to the GHHQ Discord and Audio channel.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

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