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web actors animation fantasy voice series needed webseries for childrens

Animation Voice Actors Needed for Childrens Fantasy Web Series
I am beginning a web series of a children's fantasy animated series of the adventures of a little girl named Sylvie and her friend Mr. Wogglebug as they have many adventures in the Land of Genoma and the Enchanted Forest. I am in need of finding voices for a few of the main characters of the series.

The episodes are generally between 15 and 20 minutes in length. It typically takes me up to two weeks to complete an episode. I am looking for voice actors who can meet a deadline of up to a week to turn in their lines from when I give out the scripts. This is a no-pay project

The characters I need voices for are:

Troll Wizard Fashzam.  He is a wise and quirky wizard who is a troll native to the land of Genoma. He has a high and squeaky voice that is charming and amusing but easy to understand and also very intelligent.

His audition line is: "I really like the use of this Crystal Ball"

Troll Wizard Sarhem: He is a wise and quirky wizard who is a troll descended from the land of Genoma. He has a charming and squeaky voice that sounds very wise and kind and eccentric.

His audition line is: "We cannot predict the future with any magic nor can we change it with magic."

Jorge Frogman: He is a human sized upright walking frog who wears fine clothes and carries a gold cane. He is very intelligent and gentlemanly and he sounds just like such while also sounding like a large frog with a deep and croaky but clear and concise voice.

His audition line is: "A well-dressed from is always a clean frog."

Mr. Wogglebug: He is a human-sized upright walking insect who wears fancy clothes and loves to laugh. He sounds like an insect in a way a cricket or a cicada might sound, but he still sounds very humanlike also. He sounds young, happy, warm, friendly, charming, polite and gentlemanly, and intelligent and somewhat proud. He has a cute laugh that sounds like "tee-tee-hee" which he puts at the end of a sentence whenever he says something funny or witty, which is often.

His audition line is: "Good morning. My name is Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. and that means I am highly magnified and thoroughly educated and I am, if I do say so myself. (laughs)"

The deadline is one month from now.

Anyone who is interested in any of these roles should contact me at

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