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lets death angels of play fandub

Angels of Death: Lets play/Fandub
Hi guys this is my first post on here, I had come from when VAA was okay and still up and running.  But I'm posting for a Lets play that I am going to fandub.  Deadline will be Feb. 26th, 2018.   

Some rules I'd like to have
1. Have a good mic
2. Have good energy with tryouts
3. Preferred that you have discord so I can get lines more easily and talk to people if redos are in need
4. Have fun ^-^

You can send your tryouts in MP3 format to: 

Labeling should look like this for each character MommyDesu24_Zack
You DO NOT have to send 6 different files for the lines, as long as all the lines are included in the 1. If you want to you can, it does not matter to me, just make sure to zip the file if you do.

Now for the characters!

Zack (Isaac Foster)

Voice: Medium to Medium-High, when he gets crazy he should sound a little lower, with more energy and a little possessed.

     -Normal Voice-
1.*Vomit Sound* Don't ask me to do creepy shit like that. (grossed out)
2. What? I said WHAT! Unbutton your lips! (annoyed)

    -Crazed Lines-
3. *Crazy Laugh* Wipe that stupid, smug look off your face!
4. Whoever made this grave *pause grunt* Take THAT! *chuckle*

    -Passionate Lines-
6. Don't think for ONE SECOND that you can die of your own will! (Slamming against a wall to break it)
7. I'll be the one to kill you.  I swear *pause* TO GOD! 

Dr. Danny Dickens

VoiceCalm, collective and creepy. He's very obsessive with eyes so you have to sound even more creepy when it comes to peepers. Mid to Mid-low pitch.

1. My wish was just to be able to gaze into your beautiful living peepers....
2. That's why I have to ask you Rachel..... Can I have--YOUR PEEPERS!? *Creepy Laugh*

3. Where are you going!  If you run off to another floor then I can't treat you--NOW CAN I?!
4. NO THIS WONT DO! (Also creepy)

5. Lets take a minute to look around here--Maybe I'll find something. 
6. Maybe you'll find some peace of mind too, Rachel. (Calming)

Eddie Mason

Voice: Eddie is around 13 years old so he needs to be higher pitched sounding, a female could possible do his voice.


1. Go on--Tell me what you desire.
2. So--Will you say....'yes'?

3. Oh how dreadful...I just wanted to bury you, preserving your beauty.
4. As far as I'm concerned, you don't exist.--I'm after Rachel, not you.

5. You grave desecrator. 
6. I had a nice spot for with everyone else, but you ruined your own grave!  You're insane!

Cathy Ward

Voice: Intelligent, entitled bitch, laughs A LOT, Pompous and arrogant, and she had a God complex. Medium to high pitch.

1. I am the condemner! Oh-Godless wretches...You shall writhe in agony until forgiven.
2. Did you know that poison gas costs a pretty penny? You spoiled sinners, you! Ho ho ho! (The Hohoho should be like pompous anime laughter ((back of hand to cheek)))

3. This lovely feature will oh-so-gently coat the sinners' lungs in toxic death!  Have you guessed it yet? That's right--Deluxe poison gas!
4. Get out of town! To think you, yourself would make the game end.  I'm laughing so hard I could die!
*Crazy Laugh*

5. Just be sure to go ahead and let the gas do its job if you fail to dazzle me, M'kay? 


Voice: Smug, preacher-ish voice, Medium to low pitch, Godly.

1. Why do you help Zack cling to life?
2. Heavens 'tis a terrible oath to have forged.

3. Your heart is smeared by deceit simply by virtue of the belief that God has chosen you.

4. You are a witch who means to deceive my angels! You shall be put on trial to find out!
5. Admit you are a witch!  Reveal thyself to us!

Rachel's Parents/Cops and Extras
Voice: Medium voices

Mom:  *angry, crying (just got beat)* next time....if he hits will be his last-- I'll use THIS!

Psychologist lady: *caring* have you been sleeping well? Let us know if we can help with anything. 

Dad:*angry* what did you do? Why do I have to have a freak daughter like you!?

Officer: DONT MOVE! Hands up!

Have fun! Happy voicing!

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