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castlevania abridged parody voices castlement castlevenia for need

Abridged Series Need Voices for Castlevenia Parody
Here is a video where i explain everything to you:

Here are some lines you could use.

Dracula: Real Vampires blow up citys.
Travor: I migth be a bit rusty, but i'm sobber.
Crazy Church Guy: Your not real, your just a hallucination.
Fat Church Guy: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
Fat Farmer: And ah said, mate ah know my goat isn't in love with ya
Buff Farmer: And than you bet him up, with shovel.
Blue Demon: We arre ze volk of za unterword, Heil Satan!
Female Voices: I'm female, thats a reason to add me.

Deadline is the 10th March. 

Send Audition.mp3 to and i might send you a line to our discord
I sent you an audition for Dracula

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