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toxic overwatch song britney spears sombra

Fan Project Overwatch Sombra song
Hey! What's up, gang?

Are there any Sombra's voice lovers?

For those who are not familiar with her: it's acharacter from Overwatch, super hacker and always have an advantage over everyone else
She is sassy, sarcastic, constantly shows how she owns everything and doesn't care about anything.
Sombra has Northern Mexican accent.

Check this if you don't know how she talks
Audio quotes << LINK!

There's a video with a cover on Britney Spears - Toxic but it has another lyrics so it's like Sombra's song.

And this song lacks all that special style I like so much. So I decided to fix that and try to make a video with the same lyrics but the right Sombra style. I can do almost everything for that, cut the noise from the recording, make a video stream, put the phrases in a right places. But I can't do the voice. And that's where I need your help. I want somebody to record the lines of the song in a style of Sombra. Come on, that should be fun!
Here's something like what I want to get in the end. But better quality Smile Closer to the original.

Video I tried to make << Link!

Well, obviously, audition role is for Sombra :Big Grineed a person whi can make Mexican accent in English.

Deadline: March, 31

Discord: TpJeY #9156
Skype: tpjey_17

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