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Animation [CLOSED] THE DETECTIVE: Male and Female Voices Wanted!
I am looking to expand the cast of our pilot episode for a new action-adventure series called The Detective produced entirely using LEGO characters, sets, and models, and was hoping that you lovely people might be able to help. This project is still in the early stages. We hope to start shooting the pilot episode within the next month or two, but before that can happen we need to give all the characters a voice! So if you have a good quality recording setup and the desire to get involved with something a bit different, this is the project for you! If the pilot episode is a success, we would love to make a full series of The Detective.

The series would follow the adventures of mega-rich film star Jason Winchester, who also happens to be a secret agent with an impressive array of vehicles and technology for taking down international criminals and ne'er-do-wells! He is supported by an ultra-intelligent computer known as The Investigator, whom he affectionately refers to as Invi. When he isn't busy saving the world, Jason is being hounded by his acting agent, Scarlett Winters - a southern belle who is sweet and determined in equal measure. Taking care of Jason's domestic life is his butler Gregory, who often struggles to keep up with the rigours of Jason's acting career, let alone his work as a secret agent.

In the pilot episode, The Launch, Jason rescues the kidnapped commissioner of the Space Defence Organization. A top secret spy satellite is about to be launched and Jason suspects foul play. He attends the launching undercover and soon catches a saboteur in the act!

I'm looking to pool this community's talents and am asking for auditions for all parts great and small. I'm looking for kind-hearted volunteers as this project is unpaid. If you are considering taking on a lead role, please keep in mind that if we make a full series of The Detective, this project could require your commitment for many months, if not years. 

Leading Roles

Jason Winchester - Male, British English or American Midwestern - Aged 20-40
Handsome, charming, and smooth talking, Jason is a secret agent who can talk himself out of any problem - but when that doesn't work he's also a man of action.

[flying his jet at super sonic speeds to intercept the kidnappers]
Invi, I have visual contact with the speed boat. Can you confirm that Commissioner Mason is on board? We wouldn’t want to interrupt a pleasure cruise…
[discussing a script with his agent, Scarlett Winters]
But Mrs. Winters, one of the reasons I pay you to be my agent is so that you can read the prospective screenplays that come my way in advance, and whittle away the dead wood on my behalf.
[Jason has just discovered a bomb at the rocket launch site, and the saboteur, Charles Summers, is getting away]
Invi! Charles Summers has attempted to plant a bomb at the launch site just before blast off. He’s escaped, but I’ve got the bomb. There’s a 5 minute countdown and a combination to shut it down. Help me deactivate it.
[After successfully completing his mission, Jason is being congratulated by the Space Defence Organization]
I can’t reveal too many secrets Doctor Tyler, but let me tell you that I have a very talented Investigator at my disposal. She usually steers me in the right direction.

The Investigator (aka Invi) - Female, British English or American Midwestern - Aged 16-30
The voice of Jason's ultra-intelligent spy computer, capable of hacking any network or device on the planet. Invi is cool, calm and collected at all times with the odd burst of a sense of humour here and there. Effects would be added to the voice to make it sound computer-like, but for the most part I am looking for a natural delivery of the dialogue to give the role some personality.

Congratulations on a successful mission, Mr. Winchester.
You really should get a safety harness fitted to that elevator, Mr. Winchester.
The Commissioner is the head of a top secret committee planning the launch of the CJ2 spy satellite at 0300 hours on September 2nd.
Nobody outside of the CJ2 committee knows who the other members of the committee are. Even I shouldn’t be able to access that information. There has been a security leak from the inside. 
[Jason has just found a bomb and needs Invi to help deactivate it.]
There isn’t time Mr. Winchester. You couldn’t manually input all of the potential combinations before the detonation. Get the bomb as far away from the rocket site as you possibly can.


Scarlett Winters - Female, Southern U.S.A. - Aged 25-40
Scarlett is Jason's acting agent who remains oblivious to his work as a secret agent and is only interested in getting him starring film roles in Hollywood. Scarlett is a true lady - a southern belle with sophistication and beauty. She uses charm and flattery to get her way every time, and won't give up until she does. 

[Scarlett has just been invited into Jason's home by his butler, Gregory.]
Thank you Gregory my dear. Jason, you look simply divine. A picture of good health you surely are.
[Jason is asking for information about a new script but Scarlett just wants to make herself at home.]
Yes, yes, all in good time. Gregory, darlin’, a sip of ice tea would be just the perfect thing to quench my thirst. Anything for you, Jason?
[Jason has just completed his mission, but Scarlett calls in the middle of the night about an exciting new film role.]
Jason my dear, I’ve found you a part in a space movie. Harry Graham just pulled out at the eleventh hour and they need you on set first thing in the morning. The producer’s a very good friend of mine. Will you do it?

Gregory Tillman - Male, British English - Aged 35-55
Gregory is Jason's long suffering butler. He's a man of impeccable manners, breeding, and training, but isn't afraid to expose his dry sense of humour, or is disapproval at his employer's behaviour.

[Jason has just arrived home after a dangerous mission.]
About bloody time, sir.

[Jason tells him off for being vulgar]
Apologies, sir. I received an urgent phone call from your agent, she’ll be paying a visit within the next hour.


Guest Roles - These characters feature only in the pilot episode, but if you are a versatile voice actor we would love to have you back for a variety of new characters as the series goes on.

Commissioner Mason - Male, British English or American - Aged 30-50
Head of the Space Defence Organization, the Commissioner doesn't take much nonsense, but has great respect for Jason Winchester.

[Speaking to his kidnappers.]
You’ll never get away with this. I’m pretty high up in the Space Defence Organization you know. People might just notice that I’ve gone missing. 
[Discussing the satellite launch with Jason.]
We’ve had an urgent committee meeting. I’m sure by now you’re aware of my work on the CJ2. It was agreed almost unanimously that extra security precautions need to be taken when she’s launched into orbit. We need someone who can act with due discretion and be on the ground to ensure nothing goes wrong.

[Charles has just implied that the extra security hasn't turned up.]
Look Charles, I know you were against the idea but I can assure you I’ve hired the best. That’s why you haven’t seen them. They’re undercover.

Doctor Tyler - Male or Female, British English or American - Aged 20-50
A member of the Space Defence Organization committee.

[Talking to Commissioner Mason about the satellite launch.]
Yes, but where’s this extra security you were going to arrange?

[Congratulating Jason on a successful mission.]
Surely you have a team of highly trained operatives on your side though?


Launch Commander - Female, British English or American - Aged 20-50
The commander overseeing the launch of the satellite.

[Preparing rocket for launch]
Countdown, minus 17 minutes. Retract all fuel lines.
[An operative has just spotted an unauthorized aircraft on the radar]
What are you talking about?
[Rocket countdown]
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Blast off.


Carlson - Male, American - Aged 30-40
A tough criminal who has just kidnapped Commissioner Mason.

[Threatening Mason with a gun.]
Now I don’t want to have to use this Commissioner Mason. So you just sit tight while my buddy takes us to the hideout. If there’s any funny business just remember that I could have a bullet with your name on it.
[Getting impatient with his associate driving the boat.]
Can’t you make this thing go any faster?
[Carlson has just been informed that they are approaching the hideout.]
Good. Well Commissioner, it doesn’t look like the police are coming for you after all, does it? Once we get to the hideout we’ll take care of that tracking device of yours to make sure they never find you again. What do you have to say to that?

Deadline: CLOSED

Email your submissions to: CLOSED

When recording your auditions, start by introducing yourself (either with your name or your username), the character(s) you'll be auditioning for, and tell us one thing you love about being a voice actor. We want to get to know you!

Feel free to audition for as many or as few roles as you would like. We want to hear from versatile voice artists so show us what you can do! Audio files sent via DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, MediaFire, or as attachments are welcome! Good luck! 
I love LEGO projects. Sounds interesting, I'll try to send some auditions soon. If nothing else comes from me then I wish it does well, takes a fair amount of dedication making any kind of animation, but a good LEGO in particular must take so much time and talent.
Thank you all so much for the interest shown in this project so far! 

I wanted to give you an idea of what this production could potentially feel like when completed and so have pulled something from my archives to share with you.

Between 2011 and 2014, myself and a few friends teamed up to produce our own Doctor Who mini-series using LEGO, and the Character Building figures that were available at the time. The series was called Mini TARDIS Tales. We pioneered production techniques which allowed for the characters to be filmed in a cinematic way, without the strenuous ordeal of using stop-motion animation. It was an incredibly fun project culminating in a final, epic adventure which reunited The Eleventh Doctor with an old enemy from the 1960's, and introduced a new companion character. This is the trailer for that episode:

Unfortunately the full series has since been removed from YouTube by the powers that be. Nevertheless, I hope this trailer can give you a flavour of what we are aiming to produce with The Detective. At least for this pilot episode we will be using similar production techniques, but much has changed since we made the final episode of Mini TARDIS Tales just over four years ago. With The Detective we are looking to be much more ambitious with far more sophisticated sets and models, better character animation including experimentation with lip sync, and overall higher production values. 

There's still time for you to get involved and we would love to continue hearing your auditions!


Deadline: CLOSED
[Image: 27858405_2004228872950687_80389655024728...e=5B194A4E]

Just another little teaser - an early logo design to give you a flavour of the project.

We want to hear from more of you lovely people so have extended the deadline to CLOSED

Email CLOSED with your auditions!

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