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unpaid animated project youtube series

[Unpaid] YouTube Animated Series Project
My project is a short animated series (don't know how long yet) about three kids who discover a book that has the ability to bring characters to life. Chaos is unleashed into the world but, without their knowledge. The more characters they bring to life, the more the characters begin to act strange. Soon, the three friends start to realize that they may have done something bad. The trio must figure out what is wrong with the characters and figure out what have they accidentally unleashed into the world. Plus, they have to try and stop it with the help of the strangely behaving characters the trio decides to bring to life. Whatever is causing havoc, has to be stopped as soon as possible for it's gets more dangerous everyday. As danger chases the small crew, will they be fast enough to outrun it and stop it's terror, or will they be caught and pay the price? But is it really that “dangerous” or is it just your imagination?

Characters (So far): Meayri, Zaedric (females).

 Meayri is the main characters best friends making her the main character too. Zaedric is a major character in the story. 




ZAEDRIC (Zaedric, like the Daedric weaponry and armor in Skyrim. Just with a "Z" in front instead of a "D")

Important side character. Will most likely be picky. 

Zaedric is a really really weird being. She is half angel and half demon. But it's not the usual story. Her father was actually an angel and her mother is a demon. Her father actually tried to take her to heaven when she was born but while escaping hell he was killed and her mother took her back and she was raised in a demonic environment. Eventually, she makes it to the overworld, the world of the living, but I can't tell you anymore about her story because it's a secret that everyone will eventually learn. 

From the picture I have posted you should be able to come up with a nice voice for her. I hope I made her look right enough to help you out. Now, Zaedric is mysterious so you must sound mysterious. Look up "Garnet from Steven Universe" just for the example of being mysterious, not for the actual voice. I'm looking for someone mysterious sounding like that. Also she sounds cool and sly. She always seems to be thinking about something or planning something. So at times she'll sound distracted. Oh, and she's also very deceiving. So I need great acting that will also throw off the audience. Don't worry, I'll help you as much as I can.

Lines Zaedric might say:

•[Assuring... And a little dismissive after "and".] "Don't worry about whatever you're worrying about and don't worry about me."

•[Empowering] "Next time someone tries to hurt you in anyway, you fight. Let them feel the same exact way you feel. Physically fight."

•[Kinda light and bubbly] "You're a little funny. But also really stupid." 
•[Manically] "You're really just now figuring out?"

Things Zaedric will say often: 

[In literally every way possible]"Oh." 

"Trust me." "Please believe me." "That's a lie." "Let me help." "Help me."

Reminder: Use the picture for Zaedric. I promise you that it will help you a lot. And I'll help too if need be. You'll like to act as Zaedric. Because you get to mess with people a lot and she's a major character. It will be fun to play as this type of a villainy person.

Post for her picture:[Image: 1698][Image: QPkdEyKP2VZ]

MEAYRI (Pronounced Mary. Don't ask me why I made it look complicated.)

Main Character. I will be picky. I'm sorry. 

Meayri is a sporty 15 year old teenage girl who could be a nice person if she didn't hate everyone she met. But she's also a bad kid. An only child so she's kinda spoiled. Sports wise, she in basketball, track, swim, and tennis. She's not really popular for being in all these sports because she's kinda rude when she doesn't mean to be and always tries to steal attention for herself. And she even does this in conversations a lot. She has some messed up parents... Mother is strict while father is drunk and working at a gas station... Kinda has to take care of herself but even though she has a difficult life, she still smiles and is a very funny person. Likes to make everyone around her laugh.

She's from the suburbs so don't give her that Yankee accent. Please. She's from Texas but she doesn't sound country. She just sounds like a nerd but with a sporty attitude. I'm trying my best here... Um maybe the picture can help you better... If not then I don't know. I guess listen to "Sadie from Steven Universe" but think of her voice in a more teenager-like way. 

Meayri sounds bored all the time. Very often she sounds annoyed or sounds sarcastic. She is also very overdramatic and crazy from time to time. Then she'll act "human" and actually talk with emotion and care, but that's only if the situation requires her to do that. Also will be very serious but that's a rarity. 

Lines Meayri might say: 

•[Confused and concerned then a little bit worried] "Wait wait wait wait wait! This isn't actually going to happen. Right? ... I need an answer... Now... Please... Dear God..."

•[Hungry tone] "I have this undying urge to get my hands filthy! Let's go do something illegal!"

•[Annoyed and Angry] "I swear if you don't stop being a cry baby I will throw you off a roof!"

•[Greedy tone] "Hey! I want it more than you do! So give it to me. Now!"

Things Meayri will say often. Try to do as many different expressions as you can.

"Uh-oh." "Shut up!" "Aw." "Really?" "I hate you." "Awesome!" "Hell yeah!" "Come on!" "I'm bored." "So?"

And that's all for Meayri. She should be fun. You get to have really random lines but they all matter.


Those are all the roles that are open so far. More will come soon!

My email is: 

That is where you can send your auditions to. Please make sure that you don't send any viruses by accident! 

I'd like your files to be labeled like this: Character Name_Your Name or Your Username

Also I like to talk through DMs on Twitter rather than emailing back and forth because I don't really have a habit of checking my emails. So if you have a Twitter please include that information in the email when you send me your auditions. If you don't and don’t want to well we can arrange some other way to chat. 

Another thing I wish for you to do, and you don't have to do this if you don't want to, it's just a request I have, is to maybe include bloopers at the end of your audition recording. Be sure to announce something like “Here's some silly bloopers” or however you want to do it if you decide to add bloopers at the end. I just think that it's a great thing for me to hear if you struggle with the lines (and struggling is okay! It won't hurt you) so I can kinda just gauge in my head if it's because of my bad writing or if you were just having a hard time understanding and connecting to the lines. Also so I can get a laugh too. XD

Deadline is hopefully in April.

So that’s about it. I’m not that good of a talker so if anything is confusing please let me know so I can help clear things up!

Thank you!
I've sent an audition your way, thank's for the opportunity!
I am a cosplayer and a writer, I am on Instagram and Twitter under the same username if you want to check out my work.

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