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ava cast dream the topic official thread

The Official AVA Dream Cast Thread Topic!
One of the known games that were played on the original Voice Acting Alliance boards was the Dream Cast Thread where folks would take one franchise/production (Whether it be Anime, Video Games, Comic Books, etc.) and do a potential Dream Voice Cast with their fellow AVA talent. Basically they went like this...

[Character Picture]
[Character Name]
[Cast by: AVA Name Here]
[Reason why you made that Casting Choice]

You can do that here at Voice Acting Space, in you can can make these VA Dream Casts here in this thread or on sites like Google Docs and submit the link to here on this thread. I will even provide examples of what kind of Dream Casts you can make on sites like Google Docs at...

However if you want to make a Dream Cast here on this board as a reply here you can, but here are the requirements.

[Franchise/Production Name]
[Brief Summary of said production though you can also add in links like Franchise Wikis for example)

And as for Characters while a complete cast would be ideal at least cover all the main and prominent secondary characters at least but the requirements for characters are as I said before.

[Character Picture]
[Character Name]
[Cast by: AVA Name Here]
[Reason why you made that Casting Choice]

There are certain other things you can do like a nice big screenshot of the title, and as for characters you can give brief summaries of the characters & your choices of understudies for each characters. (While these AVA Dream Casts are normally just for fun they could potentially lead into actual AVA productions. And while you may get certain folks  in your casts to be in an actual production there is little to no guarantee you can get them all so there is a certain practicality to it. But some folks might dislike only being in the "Understudies" section though.) But these ideas are optional.

These are the other rules/guidelines to follow

- If you are going to do the Cast here, try to keep the measurements of characters pics (width & height) to be under 500 pixels.
- Host the character pics at sites like and the like though if you use Firefox you can just use Firefox Screenshots (or both)
- While there are several franchises you can do Dream Casts about here this site does have a "No Hentai" rule so nothing really explicit please.
- Its a matter of preference about whether you can make the Dream Casts here or on sites like Google Docs but if you want to do a large cast like say 20+ characters or so then go with the latter just to be on the safe side since this board does have word count limits.
- Want to thank someone who placed you in a Dream Cast? That is perfectly understandable but it is for the best to say your thanks after you've been in more than one cast list recently and have it go with a Dream Cast list of your own. However if the individual who made that list also posted about in Social Media sites like Facebook and/or Tiwtter you might want to send your thanks to them there instead.

So there you have it here is the Dream Cast thread for Voice Acting Space, I hope this goes well and that you all have fun with this.
Well folks I meant to do this a bit sooner but here is a little something I did with the known Sony Playstation 2 game Metal Gear Solid 3 at...
I'm on a Final Fantasy kick, so here's FFVII first. Next up's IX....when I finish it.

Cloud Strife :: RavenHunterDubz / Self-Cast (link coming soon)
Barrett Wallace :: Gary Scales
Tifa Lockhart :: LKnightVA
Aerith Gainsborough :: Snowlette VA
Red XIII :: Anath Jackson
Cait Sith & Reeve :: ConVito
Cid Highwind :: Sarifus
Yuffie Kisaragi :: Chula
Vincent Valentine :: John Archer II
Zack Fair :: hyperxknees

Reno :: King Kodiak
Rude :: True Blue
Tseng :: GohanOXG
Elena :: JanAnimeFreak

Hojo :: Wolvenreign
Rufus Shinra :: Bennett Taylor

Sephiroth :: LoststeamVAA
Needs permission to view Sad With these I suggest you guys link the VAs resume page, that way this hopefully gets them some work.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Fixed mine with the cast list with...most of the links as well as making the link public. I'll update the links again once I release a thing.
Cool, plenty of new peeps to check out Smile
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Alright here is my latest one which is on Google Docs at...

This is for the 2001 Neo Geo brawler game Sengoku 3, it is a rather small one but it is something to check out nevertheless.
Here is my latest which is for the 1st game in the Battle Arena Toshinden series...

A tad bit larger than the previous one, not by a lot but still.
Here is a slight change of pace and this is for the Data East Puzzle Game series MAGICAL DROP at...
Here is a little something I did for the original 3-D Fighting Game series namely Sega's Virtua Fighter series at...

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