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a unpaid apocalyptic female post reach close point adventure click voice game

Video Game [Close][Unpaid]Reach - Post-apocalyptic Point & click Adventure game - Female voice
Hi! We are the Reach game dev team and we are making a point and click adventure game called Reach. The game is set in a post apocalyptic future caused by a conflict between robots and humans. We are looking for a female voice to do a monologue.

The role

The role is a 14 year old girl which is one of the main characters of the game. She does a monologue where she gives some backstory of the game world before the game starts. The monologue is inspired by the opening of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ( so we're looking for a similar feel. She should also have a british accent.

The Audition
The monologue has some background music that helps set the right tone for the scene. Below is a link to an earlier audition that we think works as a guideline for emotion in addition to the Advent Children opening, and as guide for pacing with the music. You are free to try your own pace but it should fit together with the music and the emotion should be melancholic and reminiscent.

Guideline:   (Don't add your own reverb in your recording, we'll fix that)
Just the music:

This is the Monologue to record:
"Robots - the greatest creation of humanity; used to create a comfortable lifestyle for us and at the same time – the greatest weapons ever made. Programmed and enslaved, it was unavoidable for a war between humans and the machines to happen.

This long struggle resulted in a global destruction. When it finally ended there was no winner on either side. Now, the world lies in ruins, desolated and polluted, with humanity scattered and lost, trying to survive on small islands of civilization. Building simple, harmless machines we are living side by side, unable to survive on our own. Have we finally learned our lesson? The knowledge is lost and buried in the past.

The legend says there is a last city of paradise that still holds the knowledge of our ancestors. It is said you can still see the blue sky there. A human and a robot, can they finally be at peace? This is our story."

Since this is only a hobby project of ours with no budget so we can't pay you but if the project goes well and the game gets an official release you will be compensated.
Deadline is the 6th of February. Please send your recordings as .Mp3 or .Wav files to

Thanks for reading!

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