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a unpaid comic teen tale

Fan Dub [Unpaid] A Teen Tale Comic
Hello, I am here to say that I am looking for many talented voice actors that will work for free for my comic that I have made. I want to do a voice over of it on youtube.

Character List (So far more will be added.)
Keara (Female) She’s the smart one of the group of friends. She is always trying to do the right thing. She is very sensitive to other's emotions.
Ren (Male) He is the creative one of the group, always doing something related to the arts. He always looks on the bright side. He’s also very popular with the ladies. They like to call him the natural charmer.
Aten (Male) He is caring for others, he loves to help out with others. But he can be very crazy and act out on a limb. Crush on Veronica.
Bryan (Male) Known about his jokes. He is very shy when he is not making jokes though. He isn’t the best with other people.
Wade(Male) He is the trickster, he loves to make puns. Very nice and is usually a bubbly type of person.  
Lydia (Female) Sassy, with a bit of a temper. She loves to be around others and populatiy is her main goal
Cho (Male/Female) They are a follower, they don’t think for themselves most of the time. Is easily influenced.

Yukshee (Female) Rude and demanding. Wants control over others. She is very popular, and it wasn’t because of her personality that’s for sure.  (She demanded it and got it.)

Glen (Male)  Very moody, is controlling, but has a weak spot for his friends. He’s usally nice around them.

Emmy (Female)  High in energy, she also really likes to hang around others. She is a party animal, always throwing parties.

Sam (Female) Very bubbly and loves everything. She isn’t the smartest. Optimistic. Very… Optimistic

 That's wrong... I'm sorry to correct you...
You know you shouldn't do that?
Are you hurt?!

Come on join me you know you want to paint
Don't touch that project!
Heyyy girl how you doin?

Every day they pick on Veronica, and you have no clue what that can do to someone mentally do you?
Are you sure your okay?
Come on it's not that bad!

*insert joke here*
Um... H-how are you?
So what's up Veronica?

Come on it's just a joke!
You really need to lighten up.
Learn to take a joke.

Do you not realize the power I have over you?
I'm sorry... for always being mean to you .
Did she really just say that?!?

B-But I thought you needed me.
W-what she said
Yeah she's right!

Look it's the pink hair freak.
Shut up Cho!
Come on we're going!

Out of my way nerd!
Look it's Veronica.
Can you stop being annoying.

Come on let's party
Party at my place tonight.
Everyone's invited, even you tech.

It's okay! Look on the bright side!
*Laughing* Oh you, I'll still love it.
Don't be silly I love everything. 

Deadline: February 12 (May be extended if need be)

Contact Info: 

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