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female closed paid vr voice narrator actress videogame

Video Game [Paid][CLOSED] VR Videogame narrator voice. Female voice - actress.
Hello, we’re an indie developer studio from Spain. We’ll be releasing our new game this April and I’m searching for a female voice.
The project is a VR videogame for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that will be available on Steam. It’s a puzzle game with a narrative touch. Every level represents an emotion (joy, anger, sadness, etc) and the gameplay and visuals adapts to that emotion. It represents your journey through life.

There’s a voice that serves the player as guide though the game, welcoming the player, explaining game mechanics and concepts. It has to be a gentle and calm voice, in the likes of the “Fire keeper” in dark souls III ( or Galadriel in LOTR. That’s just an idea for the tone of the character.
We don’t mind accents, but we need native english actresses.

The text is just 314 words (less than a page). Unfortunately, we have a limited budget and we can just offer $50 to the selected actress.

I write here some sentences of the character, so you can record a quick audition and send it to us. Then we’ll listen to all auditions and contact the selected actress. Once chosen, we’ll send the complete script (314 words), so she can record the final audio.

“Welcome back young soul. The tree of your life has been planted. All your experience will be stored here.
Joy is not the only emotion in life; fear, anger and sadness will be present in your life too. Explore them and expand your counciousness.
Well done! You learn fast.”

Send auditions to
Deadline: Wednesday 31 of January by midnight.

Thanks for your interest,
The Game Forger
I've e-mailed my audition. Thank you for the opportunity!
The audition is closed. I'd like to thank all the people who has auditioned. We've received lots of audios and has been really hard to select just one actress. I'll contact her soon and record the final voices.
Thanks again for your time and passion.

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