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a shadowy slicker castingcall noir open the audio audiodrama drama

Audio Drama The Shadowy Slicker: A Noir Audio Drama
Hello everyone! My name is Zane Sexton, the creator of a noir audio drama called The Shadowy Slicker. 

The Shadowy Slicker is an upcoming noir audio drama that focuses on the life of Amory DeWolfe, an anti-hero and freelance criminal who is only out to make money. The audio drama is set in 1967 Cleveland, Ohio, where only the crooked survives. The tone is dark and grimy, so I need characters who embody loose morality in this post-Casablanca world. The world is relentless and cold, much like Ohioan winters. 

This is a love letter to film noir and it’s kin. Noir has always been one of my favorite genres in any media due to their loner heroes, dark and intriguing storylines, and suspense. The style of the Shadowy Slicker is full of Amory’s narration and unique descriptions, as well as era-appropriate jazz. 

While the plot is simple enough, the dialogue and tone enrich the narrative, so I need people who will not just read their lines, but emotes charm into every sentence. 

I am casting for a plethora of people, for both the main characters and minor characters, along with any extras. Only audition if you are 18 years old or older due to liability issues. 

The deadline is February 3rd, 2018 at 12 A.M EST. On that date, I will release the second round of casting for the other characters I need for the season. All decisions will be made and the participants notified by February 10th, 2018. 

Take a look at the audition document for more information. 


Follow The Shadowy Slicker Twitter for updates! 

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