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s rise closed dqxi urnoga world of the fall tree

Fan Dub DQXI Fall of the World Tree/Urnoga's Rise [CLOSED]
UPDATE! Deadline has passed. The major roles have been cast, but I will be taking time to cast the extras from those remaining (that did not land a major role in this scene). 

Project Title: DQXI- Fall of the World Tree/Urnoga's Rise

With DQ XI marching into the west, I've decided to see what it would be like if the western release included voice acting! Thus this fan dub idea was born. This will include spoilers for the game, so if you are averse to that, skip this fan dub audition.

The scene of which I will dub is this one:

It is a very small scene with little to offer in way of dialogue count, but actors will be able to test their improvisation skills for any of the characters within!


Please use a bearable mic with little to no noise (clean up your auditions)

Please state whether or not you'd be available for future works of this same game fan dub as I may dub more scenes in the future, and having a return cast would be great!

Emotion is vital. 

Please watch the scene as many times as you'd like to get an idea of the line placement and opportunity for improvisation.


Character Roles:

* Urnoga the Demon King
Urnoga is your obligatory Dragon Quest demon lord. He, of course, wants to get his hands on power and change the world at his whim. I'm not looking for any voice type in particular, so try out many. I'll know what will fit when I hear it.

1. "Ah... So this is the hero's power..."
2. "And this is the hero's sword. But I... am the Demon King!"
3. (Give me a good laugh.)

* Senya
Senya is a friend of the hero who assists him on his journey, capable of healing magic. She plays a small lyre. I am not searching for anything in particular, so feel free to read the lines in a variety of pitches and tones.

1. "He turned the hero's sword... into the Demon King's sword!?"

* Veronica
An iron-willed mage who is adept in offensive magic. She can't stand being treated like a child. I am not looking for any voice type in particular, so audition in as many voices as you'd like.

1. "What!? The Tree of Life is..."
2. "At this rate, the world is going to be..."

* Extras
The extras have no text dialogue, but will add flavor to the scene with improvisation and such. The hero will have his power agonizingly ripped from him and this should reflect in anyone trying out for the hero. In addition we have the following:

Camus, the blue haired thief/ruffian. Sylvia, the feminine male entertainer whom should have a flamboyant edge to their voice. Martina the tough warrior-girl with purple hair. And Row, the elderly man with a cane and backpack. Again, not looking for anything strictly in particular, and any try-out is welcomed. Improv is encouraged.

1. (Gasps, oohs, ahs, and improvising "No, you can't..." "Impossible." etc. Get as creative as you want and long as it fits the scene length.)
2. (The hero will have to do a bit of painful screaming and groaning while matching the animation.)


Please send all auditions (in .mp3 or .wav) to my email ~ I will be using email to contact those who make the project.

This will be a quick little hobby project to test the waters and just provide something for the DQ fans to enjoy while waiting for localization news. The deadline for auditions is the 14th of January and I would like to release the final product within a week or two after that. Please have fun while you audition and I can't wait to hear what everyone can come up with!
Updated. Main roles filled, still sifting through the other auditions to get my Extras cast. <3 I will email/message if I feel your voice could fit one of those Extra roles.

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