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Fan Project NEW CHARACTERS (2nd Round) - DC Comics meets Jack the Ripper
There are 12 characters total. We've cast 4, we are casting the next 4 this week. See details below.

This is an audio project for DC Entropy, a multimedia fan-verse of the DC Comics universe on Twitter and Youtube. We're going to be launching our first community event soon, where followers will be able to vote on the direction of the story playing out across the event. Part newspaper articles and prose, we're including radio play segments for the first time. The story event is called 'See No Evil'.

At the end of the 19th century, Jack the Ripper finds his way to Gotham City and begins his killing spree once again. Pushed to the brink of what it means to be a hero, after discovering the lost ring of the legendary Green Lantern Yalan Gur, Alan Scott is hunted by the League of Shadows. Sworn to bring an end to Jack the Ripper, where does justice end and vengeance begin?

The deadline for auditions is midnight January 15th, 2018 GMT.

Please send your auditions to


Dr. Ethel Peabody

Age: Mid 30's

Sex: Female

Pitch: N/A

Accent: American (any), well educated

Description: One of the first female doctors who dreams of being a surgeon. Dr. Peabody is relegated to the mortuary, because women are not considered capable enough of dealing with a living body. Ambitious and jaded by men, Ethel is hungry to prove her skills.

Audition Lines:

- (bristling) That is simply unacceptable, Captain Corrigan. I won't permit this woman's dignity to be stripped away with such rancor. I insist you have your men wait outside.

- (sad) I often wonder what stories they could tell us, you know. Are they in heaven, hell? Does death hurt..

Cyrus Gold

Age: Early 50's

Sex: Male

Pitch: Soft

Accent: American (any)

Description: Cyrus Gold grew in swampland in the northwest, his parents runaway slaves. An uneducated child, his parents died leaving him nothing but the deed useless swamp land. But Gold was ambitious and smart, he refused to let his lot in life define his future and he turned that deed into his ticket to luxury and freedom. Known as one of the wealthiest railroad barons in America, Cyrus Gold is a man who likes to be the life and soul of the party. But behind it all is a soul in pain.

Audition Lines:

- (jovial, addressing crowd) Ladies and Gentlemen, let us raise a glass to the our beloved city. Tonight we celebrate Gotham and all her majesty, tonight we dance.

- (bitter and melancholy) You think you know who I am? What I am? You don't have the right to judge me. I came from nothing. A negro on the bayou. You could never know my kind of suffering. But I made something of myself. I made something of that swamp. I made myself the god damn king of Gotham. What are you compared to that?

Jason Bloed

Age: Mid 40's

Sex: Male

Pitch: N/A

Accent: British (upper-class)

Description: A knight of Camelot, Jason Bloed died on the battlefield only to be resurrected by the wizard Merlin, binding a demon to his body. Jason must now live for an eternity, carrying the monster with him, keeping it buried for as long as he can. Jason is obsessed with finding a way to break the curse.

Audition Lines:

- (morbid) Who ever did this, they won't stop. This isn't just some mad man on the lose, there's something dark here. Something powerful at work.

- (growing louder voice, intoning)
Change! Change! O' form of man!

Free the prince forever damned!

Free the might from fleshen mire!

Boil the blood in the heart for fire!

Gone! Gone! O' form of man

Arise the demon Etrigan!!

The Demon Prince Etrigan

Age: N/A

Sex: Male

Pitch: Deep, gutteral

Accent: N/A

Description: A demon prince of hell, his nature is wrath and destruction, but he is tempered by Jason's will and they serve a mutual purpose to break the curse and free themselves. 

Audition Lines:

- (intoning) 
Gone now, O Etrigan!

And rise again (or rise once more) the form of man!

- A beast with heart of blackened coal
Does roam the world thus men call home
Its blood a sickly smell I know
Hell stench, brimestone, sulfur and bone.
I'll get this tweeted out, good luck
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
(01-06-2018, 09:57 AM)Azure Wrote: I'll get this tweeted out, good luck

Thank you, so much.
the 1st 4 character auditions are over, we are now doing a casting call for another 4. See the original post for the new characters and deadline.
I've had no auditions for Ethel Peabody or Cyrus Gold and the deadline is in 2 days.

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