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a comedy sims m open 3f i 1m yes 4 really fine

Machinima Yes', I'm Fine, Really! - A Sims 4 comedy [OPEN]

Project description:
Hi! So this is a series of short episodes called « Yes, I'm fine, really ! ». The title is pretty ironic considering it's about Rhys, a 23 year old who is seriously depressed but will not admit she is. Her depression having a huge impact on her life, she just failed her final year of college, which lead her to making a stupid decision that got her in a hospital bed. The story will be about her coming to terms with her illness, and meeting new people along the way. Such as Adam, a boy who's even more messed up than she is, if that's a thing.
This is the second episode, feel free to check the first one out, so you get a feel of what I'm going for. I did change games though, so take a look at this, as you can see I'm going for a more realistic vibe, and the voice acting has to match. This is unpaid and the parts are supporting parts, nothing too major, each character has one or two scenes.

Now, a few rules:
- Have a clear mic, and please no background noise, it's so tricky to edit out

- Be committed: this will last for 10ish episodes, I'd like to not have to recast because it's always a huge pain in the butt
- Have emotions: as much as this is a comedy it gets super dark sometimes, so you gonna need to be able to do both! Also, the dialogue has to feel real, just pretend you're chatting with your mates Smile
- Take care of you: this deals with suicide, depression, eating disorders,  family drama and has it's fair share of swearing. If you don't think you can do it: don't, your mental health comes first.

Character List:
- Asher Higami, 23 years old male, American accent: Asher is a nice boy who tries to hard, and it clashes with Rhys (his girlfriend, the main protagonist). Can get quite emotional, but is always nice and trying his best. Also is incredibly awkward. In this specific episode, he's not angry as he was in the first episode, he's making amends and is trying to make their relationship work.
1. *being incredibly awkward*
Hi! I already said that - I uh, hm need help with uh, with your bag?

2. *relieved*
I have to say I'm – I'm really surprised, I was expecting you giving me the cold shoulder and finding creative ways to insult me but-
3. *sad*
I thought you were doing well, what happened? I want to be here for you, Rhys please don't do this.

- Gemma Dunphy, 35 years old female, English accent: she has a daughter who is her everything, which creates a duality in her personality. When she's talking about work she's very direct and does not mess around, but when it's about her daughter she gets really soft, she's a really loving mother. She's driven, very confident and you know in the way she speaks she's a busy woman who gets to the point.
1. *sighs/getting heated*
I have to go now, I have to deal with the shitstorm this idiot kid I'm managing created by posting something extremely inappropriate on Twitter - I mean it's 2018 who does that?!
2.*bitter laugh*
Tell me about it, you try being a 35 year old widow and get back to me on that one. Spoiler alert: there's nothing funny about it.
3. * being brutally realistic*
And I'm telling you: you're not going anywhere having morals, so what it's gonna be then love? You're clever, I trust you'll make the right choice.

- Elisabeth "Lillie" Dunphy, 9 years old female, American accent: Elisabeth is a super mature child (she's 9), you don't have to be super high pitched and cutesy to voice her. She acts and thinks like an adult and is basically Rhys' best friend and keeps it super real. I can even pitch your voice up if you don't feel like faking a young voice.

Two years. It's been two years I lost my dad Rhys. All I ask is to be able to play the piano again. It's the only thing I have left of him. Please.

I'm not going to that.
3.*a bit angry*
It's not fair.There's a piano sitting in the living room I'm not allowed to touch. And I can't take lessons either? It's not fair, Rhys!

- Random girl in the street, mid twenties, American accent: The most annoying person in the universe basically. Gets barely pushed past by Rhys in the street, loses her sh*t. Really nasty person.
1.*full of attitude*
Uh, excuse you?!
2. *mean and petty*
Yeah you better be sorry, watch where you're going, God-uh!

I'll close the audition process on the 31st of Januany 2018. So yeah if you're interested please audition before that date!

Contact info:
Hit me up at or on my Twitter at NDWRHL_

Thank you for reading! Tongue
Find me here Big Grin 

Youtube: IndieWarhol
Twitter: NDWRHHL_
Tumblr: NDWRHL
Thanks for following the rules, and I sorted the double post thanks Smile
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(01-04-2018, 07:39 PM)Azure Wrote: Thanks for following the rules, and I sorted the double post thanks Smile

No problem, and thank you! Smile
Find me here Big Grin 

Youtube: IndieWarhol
Twitter: NDWRHHL_
Tumblr: NDWRHL

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