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unpaid video mobile narrative game app

[Video Game/App] Narrative Mobile Game - Unpaid
This app allows players to investigate the phones (fake) of other people and investigate. You will be playing the mother character of a teenage girl named Katie. We just need you to record six voicemail messages. Your audition is your submission for the role. You will receive credit in the 'credits' portion of our game. 

It is an unpaid role which you will receive the following credit for:
'Mary Calmant' - Voiced by (your name)

It's a small role and hopefully you'll have fun doing it! 

We are a small indie game company (two people) and do plan to make money from ads and in app micro-transactions in the game. Although we will not pay you, we greatly appreciate your service.

  1. Please have a high quality microphone with as little background noise as possible.

  2. Please email your submission to

  3. Please note that if you are auditioning for a character with a given age range you DO NOT have to be that age to audition it is only a reference for the age the character should sound

  4. PLEASE get these auditions done ASAP. The absolute deadline for these auditions is currently January 31st 2018
Submission (HAVE FUN! Feel free to mix up the words, improv, make the character your own!)
Mary Calmant (Mother)
  • Age: About 40-55

  • Please read the following lines:
    • (Mary is a woman who is exhausted. Her husband committed suicide 5 years ago and she still hasn’t gotten over it. She’s had to take more time at work to compensate for his lack of income. She now takes care of Katie and her own mother (who is getting older and sicker by the day) Hey, I’m coming to pick you up now. I know I’m late, sorry. We had a mandatory meeting at work and… After the meeting, your grandmother called and I had to help her out. And… Nothing, I’m sorry, I’ll be there soon.
    • (Katie drew a picture of the pope with blood coming out of his eyes, their family is very religious.) I just saw the drawing you did for school. How could you ever think that is appropriate? It was disgusting. Can you imagine if your grandmother saw that? Katie… I thought we were done with this type of stuff…
    • Where the hell are you?! This is so ridiculous... You need to have your phone on you and pick up when I call. Come home now.
    • "Hey sorry, I was really angry. Are you okay? Are you safe? Please call me or text me. I’m really worried, I’m considering calling the police. Katie… Please come home."
    • "Kimberly told me you were out with Ruby. I hope you have fun because you are not leaving the house when you get home. And you better be home by 1! (sigh)"
    • I just spoke to your counselor. And I need to get this off my chest and I don’t think I could say it to your face. I know you still think about your dad all the time. I do too....(long beat) I do too… But I’m moving on. I’m trying my best for you, your grandmother, and me. Please help me. I don’t have time to come into your school every week. I can’t defend you from your drawings and your ideas. I just can’t do it anymore… I just can’t do it...
If you have any questions, email or leave a comment below! I'm looking forward to your submissions.

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