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unpaid animated 3male roles 4female youtube series

Animated Youtube Series [Unpaid] [3Male, 4Female Roles]
New Animated Youtube Series
I am going to be doing 2 seasons for this series.
Audition Deadline: January 20th, 2018

This story is about Ro who is a senior in highschool. Her mother relocates her family (due to a bad divorce) to her hometown of NYC where Ro has to adjust. Ro is an exceptional dancer and her mother decides to open her own dance studio in which she struggles to keep open. Her family also faces many obstacles when they are targeted by an unwanted visitor.

I am looking for long term dependable voice actors
You can audition for more than one role
There will also be more characters added
Please send all auditions to:
Those chosen will be contacted via email by January 21st.
Thank you for finding interest in my available roles!


MIA (middle aged)
Mia is the mother to Ro. Voice: Calm/Soothing, Tends to always be on edge

She can be moody/tempermental at times and is always on edge (a bit paranoid). She is this way due to a nasty divorce from her husband. She had always put her dreams aside to please her husband but has now decided to live on her own terms. She moves back to her hometown of NYC becoming the owner of her own dance studio and struggles to keep it going. 

Audition Lines:
(Crying, Mad): After all these years I dedicated to you, you go and do this to me??? TO OUR FAMILY?!?!

(Scolding her daughter): Who pays that internet bill? ME! So until you start paying a bill I have every right to check on what you’re doing online. Got it?

(Upbeat): Well we’re here! I hope you have a great day sweety. Call me between classes or lunch if anything. I Love you.

TONY: (middle aged)

Tony is the husband to Mia. Voice: Deep & Intimidating

Tony is a successful businessman who's secrets lead to him losing his family. Tony will do anything to get his family back even if it means stalking his wife. He's a master at manipulating people to get what he wants. Hometown: California

Audition Lines:
(evil laugh) So you thought you could just run off with my daughter and I wouldn't find you?

(condescending tone): Mia without me you're nothing, and you'll never have anything worth saving

RO: (17 years old)

Ro is a senior in highschool. Voice: Tends to be shy/timid but has a pesky attitude 

Ro has a hard time readjusting to a busy city and is often shy. She only opens up when she has to perform on stage. She is an exceptional dancer in which she takes after her mom. She wants to go to college become a professional dancer.

Audition Lines:
(Annoyed): Mom I don’t really want to talk about this. You don’t get how I’m feeling. You don’t understand.

(Speaking Passionately): Dance is all I got, it's what makes me me. Without it I'd be lost.

(Attitude): (sighs) About what???… Lemme guess… having to move senior year and starting all over again?
(says sarcastically) Yea I feel A-MA-ZING….

LINA: (middle aged)

Lina is Ro's Aunt. Voice: Heavy NYC accent and she speaks fast

Lina is everyone's favorite aunt. She's fashionable, always keeps it real, and is super blunt. She also doesn't tolerate any sort of disrespect from anyone. She is hot tempered and always ready to go. She works in the music industry and associates with the creme of the crop of NYC.

Audition Lines:
(speaking sternly): Umm… Is that an attitude I’m sensing? Don’t. Get. Ya. Head. Smacked. Off!

(Mad): Hey Buttacup..... Maybe if you click your damn heels three times you'll end up home. 

NIKKI (18 yrs old)

Nikki is your classic mean girl. Voice: High Pitched 

She is jealous of Ro and will do anything it takes to embarass her. Nikki is the captain of her neighborhood prized dance team that was formed at their school. Many people dislike her and some are just scared of her. She has 2 bestfriends who are twins and are also very mean to other girls at their school.

Audition Lines:
(taunting Ro): Your fashion sucks, does your mom shop for you at KMart? Ewww.... Those shoes... girlllll (laughs) WHAT ARE THOSE!!!?!?

(Mad): Just face it! You can never be me in any life! Whoever decides to make you their prom date, is probably doing charity work.

ADRI: (18 years old)

Adri the player. Voice Description: Calm. (smooth talker & a flirt)

Adri is the guy every girl wants. Hes a player and dates Nikki but has eyes for the new girl Ro. He basically a jerk and everyone knows it except Ro.  

Audition Line:

(blunt) I can have any girl I want, what makes you think your so special?

TRE: (18 years old)

Tre is the good guy who gets overlooked. Voice: Calm

Tre falls for Ro but she wont give him the time of day. Hes determined to make her see what shes missing out on.

Audition Lines:
Hey Ro, I think you're pretty dope. Don't let them get to you. Keep ya head up.
(Sad): Oh I get it... You want a bad guy. I guess it's true when they say good guys never win

Please send all auditions to:
Those chosen will be contacted via email by January 21st.
Thank you for finding interest in my available roles!
Thank you to all of the auditions that were sent! Please be on the lookout for emails to those who were chosen. Confirm your role by Feb 5th. Thank you Smile

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