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anime christmas holiday film drama

Animation Anime holiday drama film
This is my new anime Christmas special and we'll be release after christmas!

This contains in Anime drama film!

Check out my video:

1.  I accepting the voices with mp3, wav and apple's voice memos
2. Check these lines and it will be in good mic
3. if there's any problem i can help you

Mall Santa:
Description: Mall Santa is character who's in Toronto Mall with the bunch of kids who wants for Christmas.
Age: Middle age

1. If he thinks I'm working any minutes past 9:30, he can kiss my foot. Oh Ho ho ho ho. Come on up on Santa's lap.  There's a wet one. And what's        your name, little boy? And what do you want for Christmas, Andrew? A toy truck? Get him off my lap.

2. I hate the smell of tapioca. Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Come on up on Santa's lap. Ho ho Ho Ho! Come on, ho ho ho ho! 
Ho Ho Ho Ho! Ho Ho Ho Ho! Oh Uh-oh. Get him outta here. Ho Ho Ho Ho! Come on up, Come on up, Ho ho Ho Ho.

3. Ho Ho Ho! Ho Ho Ho, Ho ho ho! And what's your name little boy? What do you want for Christmas, little boy? How about a nice football? Okay, get      him out of here. You'll shoot your eye out, kid. and Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho! Okay, down you go. Bye bye! Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho Ho!

Description: He's the main character at age 17
Age: Teen

1. There were 2 little bunnies and then.... damn it, I always get stuck at that part. No, Just trying to tie this bow. You need to go to a private school.        So what do you want to do Mila? You wanna make cookies or we'll make a gingerbread house, curl by the fire, and watch movies or 
    something else?

2. What? No, I'm not a pedophile okay. Those were gifts. That's weird, Who would be at the door? Can I help you? Are you alright? 
    Mila, Call 911! How do you know my name? What did you mean? How do you know that? A Letter? Oh. Say what? 

3. Well, I'm gonna need to have sometime to think about this. Yes, I'm sorry. Hey, you're here. Umm, she's chilling. 
    Yeah, I don't know about that. Wait, there's a paper. Wow. Ooh! Oh man. *giggle*

Description: He collapse in Conor's place. 
Age: Teen

1. *collapse*  No you can't! Connor! Santa said You've been a good boy this year, haven't you? You've been taking care of everyone in your life. But         yourself. I know everything about you. I see you when you're sleeping, I know when you're awake.

2. Oh take this and shut up! Connor, I need your help! Often you're in the shower. Nothing. I need a favour. I need you to follow him. 
    Something you want more than anything. Because you are the last person. 

3. Goodbye everybody! Merry Christmas!

Description: She has been taking care by Connor
Age: Teen 

1. Hey what you doin'? Hey, let me try. There were 2 little bunnies... and then they got in horny. and started to crap his pants and little bit of runaway      all around the world and that's it and that's how you make a bow! *giggling* Are you a pedophile?

2. My father said he should kick him in the junk and runaway. There's a elf. Why does this keep happening to me. 
    Ew, Santa watches me sleep and knows if I've been naughty, Check to see if he's okay. 

3. There's a elf on the floor! Look, Look. I swear he was right here. Oh my god, it was the elf. Better not put that up your ass.

Description: She's back from her friends house
Age: Teen

1. Hey what's up. How's Mila? Wow, You got her in chilling before midnight, You deserve a gold medal. How can I ever repay you Conor? 

2. What? Not again. There's no one here. What's that?

3. Sure it is. Man, What is that?

Description: Shes in the argument with her boyfriend Dean.
Age: Teen

1. My sister, My sister said is that your truck? Answer the question, is it your truck, Dean? You got a truck, from what? For what? For what? You   tell me what? For a baby I know about it! The baby. There’s a baby. You know exactly what I’m talking about. 
  You went to my sister, My sister I give you 2 years. 2 years of my life. 

2. You’re with my sister! Ok, I took a Snapchat photos! Come up! So you that close. That’s what you’re talking now? You’re gonna have a baby with        her! Oh yes you are! Why do I mean it! Oh No, I’ll never have a truck!

3. I’m tool cool! Yeah! I just have my covertible, you’ll never catch me of one of those! I want that goddamn answers!

Description:He was very psycho for destroying christmas tree.
Age: Teen 


1. What? What time is it?  Oh, my god. That's freakin' early. Why 5:30? I'll take a shower first. Okay, where is mom? Do something stupid and        I'll knock your teeth out cause that's all I'm saying. Don't do anything stupid. Yeah, whatever. Okay, whatever. I don't even know. 
     I'm... Should I open them before she comes down? Alrighty.\

2. Dude, shut up. You trying to impress people for it.  I'm sorry, Taylor, this is what happens. This is what happens. You touch me, and I'll freakin' get  you. Don't touch me. You wanna tell me? You take away my presents, I'll take away...  Oh, mom and dad just forgot to give me...

3. Unless you want to get punched in the face... I would suggest you don't touch me. Tell me where they are, tell me where they are. I swear to god. I swear to freaking god. No, tell me where they are. Yeah, Merry Christmas, dummy. Merry Christmas. That's what happens. No, I missed the top part of it..

Captain Plane-Man
Description: He takes us to the north pole!
Age: Teen

1. Help Help! Help me! I'm stuck! Owwwwww! Get me outta here! Help! Oh your dog's coming! Ok. *coughing* Oh man!
*coughing* Thank you! Well, it's Christmas eve and I thought it would be fun to slide down the chimney like Santa, but don't you do it, it hurts!

2. Well it's good to see the both of you! 

3.We have a plan, we can all the straight to the airport, but this time, we are on their way to the north pole! Come on in! 

If you're done audition for any characters please send me with email:

Thank You!
the director, writer and producer
Hi can you put a deadline in please? Otherwise you'll still be getting mails about this at Easter XD
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