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hypnosis 3m 7f

Machinima Hypnosis [7F|3M]

Written By: FearlessCGVA

Directed By: WhatTheSims

  • Clear Mic
  • Show Emotion
  • Be able to turn in lines on time
  • No background noise
  • Let us know if you’re uncomfortable with cursing
  • Accents are allowed
  • Are you willing to play an extra? Let us know!
  • Send a crying, laughing, screaming reel
  • Have fun!

Side Note: Please make the subject name of the email your youtube name-Hypnosis. For example, FearlessCGVA-Hypnosis. It just makes it easier for us to keep track of everything.

Plot: Hypnosis takes place in the year 3045, where it’s known to be a perfect society. Nothing is wrong in the eyes of civilians and everyone is content. Callista thinks the same before stumbling upon a website not meant for her eyes. Knowing the government may now be after her, a rebel group called Eclipse, kidnaps her and tells her the safest option is to join them. What will happen to the innocent girl after saying no to their offer?

Send all auditions to:

Closing Date: December 25th

All lines and character info. here:

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