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[Unpaid] ARTISTS NEEDED - J.Peg's Misadventures in the Multiverse
This project is going to be a byproduct of a much larger project of mine which I call Crazy Hawk productions. It is a animated series which fallows an eleven year old girl and her odd circumstances, that put her in the captain's chair of an interdimensional cruiser.  

With her crew, she travels through the Multiverse to stop anomalies and help those who need help. The crew being, The Twins (Derek and Derk), Perry (The Humble robot) and the snippy/snobby Aldrich Cruiser. Together, they share many Misadventures throughout the Multiverse. Won't you come along with us?

I've previously announced this project on my channel HERE.
The main cast has already been recruited for the series (as seen here),
 But ... I need artists. Specifically, I need character artists and background artists. And an extra animator would be nice also.

        It's a 92% rated series with minor violence and contains no foul language (which includes saying OMG). This series is directed to be enjoyable by kids and adults. I'd like to eventually make money and be able to pay everyone, but as most should know, you have to start somewhere and this is where we're starting.
        Starting with YouTube, I have high hopes for success. Are you going to help me make this happen? If so, please contact me VIA Twitter, or through Facebook  
 , or just audition here on Voice Acting Space. Thank you.

Quote:Remember:  If you can dream it, you can do it. ~ Walt Disney

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