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about up information and set payment

Information About Set-up and Payment
Hello there!

I'm Mouse, and I'm new to this forum and to the world of voice acting. I'm not a VA, but I am looking to work with some for an upcoming project. I'm sure at some point that the project itself will make its way onto this forum when I am ready to look for actors, but right now, I need a little more information before I get in over my head!

What I'm looking for:
The project I have in mind is very small. I'm looking to hire eight people, for one line of work each. 

What I know (I think):
Voice over work payment isn't dictated by the length of the project, but by time spent in the studio.
If I am hiring someone online, payment will likely be over PayPal
Because it will be organized long-distance, figuring out how these things will be recorded is mostly not up to me

What I need to know:
How exactly do I figure out a cost estimate for this? The total time of the dialogue itself is maybe 5s, at most. What does that mean for studio time, if anything? 
Also, what do I not know that I don't know?

I'd be thankful for any help. I really want to make sure I do right by whoever I eventually work with.

Edit: It was explained to me that if the sessions are done over Skype or Discord, that I could record them myself. If that's the case, any pointers on how to do this would be wonderful. Less how to record the sound itself (I can probably figure that out) and more how to conduct something like this appropriately.
TBH if it's indie/small and one line each you could probably get away with just charging a flat amount per actor/line and having the actor send several takes. If you do want to direct over Skype I'd probably consider switching over to paying for time. The actor should also be able to record on their machine whilst you direct and send you the file afterwards. Actor direction is a whole sub area so it's hard to go into here...and tbh for one line I wonder if it's just easier to have the actor record multiple takes and then them to you. ( Just be sure to allow time for retakes in your costs)

As for studio time it honestly depends on the scope of the project if it's a small very indie project then a lot of actors here have studios at home that can be anything from a wardrobe to a proper booth. Folks with a booth are likely to charge more but have better quality.
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Hey mate,

Great to hear you've put aside a bit of money to grab some voice actors. I've seen a few people over at another site give flat rates for people - such as £10/20 per line, etc. But this is for Amateur/Aspiring Voice Actors who're not yet established generally. If you were looking for something rather serious you could negotiate with the actor you fancy, and they'll give you their rate.

Also I've seen game developers provide voice actors with a free copy of the game as well, which sweetens the deal, and can lead to more reviews and players (leading to more sales).

You can direct the recording via Skype/Discord and really it'll just be letting the actor deliver the line and then you'll have to see how you feel and how you want it to change. Be polite and friendly, and just make sure the finished result is something you're happy with.

Good luck with your project.
Thank you both for your feedback. I've gone the flat rate route, and have had people send me their takes. So far, it's been going well. I'm appreciative of the help I've received here.

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