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voiceactors audition what call castingcall original audio voice audiodrama needed casting drama do for uni we

Audio Drama what_we_do_for_uni [original]
We are a new team and cannot offer payment for these roles. This work will strictly be voluntary.

(please email auditions to this address in .mp3 format)
Lines (see below)
Deadline: January 1st 2018

This project contains the following: swearing, implied sexuality, homosexuality, implied or implicit drug and alcohol use, criminal acts, comical violence, crude humour. All potential actors should be comfortable with this.

We are a team working on a series of audio-drama type content. These pieces will focus on crude or dark humour and will be character-driven. There are 5 main characters, 4 male and 1 female, and several supporting characters. The four main characters are members of the a chemistry club, who start recording their club for proof for an award and to help university applications. These recordings of their club antics soon devolve into them recording the "everyday life" of a private school student (these are some strange people, however, so this 'everyday life' is not ordinary).

We need 4 male-type voices, and 1 female-type voice. We look for a reasonable quality of recording, although this is supposed to be a comedy filmed by an under-attended chemistry club so we don't require top-of-the-range microphones. We do, however, want realistic-sounding and non-exaggerated voices (sounding like real people talking rather than the English dub of an anime). You are welcome to try out for any or all of the characters. Please specify which ones you would prefer to play or if there is someone you would rather not be casted as. We need voices for the following characters:

Edward Elliot-Jones Sutton 
-Upper class English accent, if possible 
-Masculine, confident voice. Eloquent and well-spoken 
-Charming, naive, but overall a good egg 
-Captain of the polo team. Very popular 

Pablo "Papa E" Carlos-Cruz 
-Thuggish, American gangster accent (Hispanic is an alternative) 
-Deep voice, confident, threatening 
-Confident, thuggish, surprisingly educated, fearless 
-Popular, but also feared. Knows everyone 

-Any accent is acceptable 
-Dreamy, wistful voice (in a negative way). Slightly unnerving 
-Very quiet, very strange. Unaware, oblivious, rainman type 
-People stay away from him. He, Ed, and Pablo hang out though 

Li Wei 
-Any accent native to an English-speaking country (USA, britain, Canada, Australia, ect.) 
-Quiet, soft, threatening voice 
-Quiet, nerdy, clever. Blunt and socially not the best 
-He is president of the school's failing chemistry club 

Lily Elbe 
-Any accent is acceptable 
-Emotive, enthusiastic, expressive voice. Female 
-Daring, fearless, manipulative, slightly creepy 
-Popular among the girls, wanted by the boys 

Proposed Workload
While this is a long-term project, and our team would be grateful if this is taken into account before auditioning, we are extremely flexible about an actor's lines and workload. We aim to make these episodes in 2 - 5 minute chunks, perhaps every month or every alternate month. This is a hobby for our team, and we strive for it to be fun for our actors, too, so we want to avoid causing any stress about episode deadlines, which will be agreed upon with the actors once they have reviewed the script.

Line 1: ""Oh, polo? It's an incredible game, very cultured. Absolutely wonderful if you're into that sort of thing, I suppose...""
Line 2: ""Alright, so -- you, me, my father's yacht, and this weekend. What do you say?""
Line 3: ""Yes, I'm slightly confused.""

Line 1: ""Come on, homeboy, it was a joke!""
Line 2: ""You make one u-turn in one borrowed car and suddenly the whole entire police is after you. Yes, I returned the car."
Line 3: ""Oh, man. What's this?""

Line 1: ""I lied.""
Line 2: ""I want to join the art club. I can't paint. I like the smell of white spirit.""
Line 3: ""Edward, join the art club with me.""

Li Wei
Line 1: ""I do not appreciate such activities. All I am trying to do is to get into university.""
Line 2: ""Do not leave the Bunsen burners on.""
Line 3: ""Beware of the chlorine. And the mercury. You know, we may need an evacuation - it's all over the floor.""

Lily Elbe
Line 1: ""Oh, my goodness we've been trying to find this one thing for hours now.""
Line 2: ""This is why no-one invites Li to parties.""
Line 3: ""They kicked me out of the rowing team. No-one even went to hospital this time."

We thank you for your time and look forward to any auditions.

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