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super 11f comics system comicdubs m nintendo 3f 9f 14m 27m mario

Fan Dub Super Mario ComicDubs Nintendo Comics System (14M, 9F, 3F/M)
[u][b][Image: kQboAal8Fq6k60C6gUmPmP6c_pWimy-D-YGL0vGB...V1aCWWX5UC][/b][/u]
Super Mario ComicDubs- Nintendo Comics System Auds

Ladies and Gentlemen this Casting Call is for a small series of Comicdubs of some of the Super Mario Bros comics from Valiant Comics that were made in the early 90s. This production will cover the 1st two of the Super Mario Land/Game Boy Comic stories and a couple of the Super Mario Bros Comic stories and 12 of the Super Mario Bros. Shorts. (In fact all 4 of these episodes will have 3 shorts to go with them). In fact these are the comics that will be dubbed

(Super Mario Bros)
Beauty and the Beach
Magic Carpet Madness

(Super Mario Land)
In the Palm of your Hand
It's a Small World After All

(Super Mario Bros Shorts)
Dear Princess Toadstool (2 & 3)
Family Album: The Early Years
Kitchen Kraziness
Koopa's Believe It Or Else
The Legend
The Mario Bros Guide to Grooming your Moustache
Mario Bros Museum of Plumbing (1 & 2)
Public Service Announcement
Throne Out
Weight Up

You can find the Super Mario comics that I will be dubbing (among others) at…

(Super Mario Bros. Comics & Shorts)-

(Super Mario Land/Game Boy)-

Alright here are the basic rules & guidelines. *ahem*

Here are the Rules/Guidelines for auditioners here
  1. Please record all of your lines in either separate clips or in one clip it makes no difference as (Screen Name)_(Character Name)_(Line Number). [Though ignore the Line # part if you are going to do all the lines in 1 clip].
  2. Multiple takes are allowed but optional.
  3. Some of these roles may require accents but if you want to audition but that is a problem I'd highly recommend that you give this site a try at...
  4. Please send all your auditions in a Zipped Folder if you wish to audition for multiple roles in all of the projects listed here you can for example send me 3 different zipped folders with (YourName)_(ProjectName) or you can just put them all in 1 folder namely (YourName_SuperMarioNintendoComicSystemsAuds)
  5. Please send in auditions at either or
  6. Oh yes and if you can’t use zipped folders I would recommend that you would place in your audition lines at sites like say and either e-mail them to me or just send the links to via at a comment here (at the upright corner). Sure depending on how many roles you’ll audition for this may take a while but it does work.
  7. Deadline is 6/10/18, but I may extend if I don’t get enough auditions.
  8. As for most of the characters who have reference clips such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser & Toad, since the comics seem to model after the Super Mario Bros Super Show it might be a good idea to base your voices for these roles on that show (or DiC’s Super Mario Bros 3/World). It's not required and if you prefer to go for their game voices or do your own takes that would be fine too.
  9. This is more of a guideline than anything else but if you want to audition I would recommend that you audition for at least more than one role, it would help increase your chances of getting cast at all.
Anyways here are the roles to audition for, you can find them all here at...

The Super Mario Bros. roles have been cast and this is the list...

Super Mario Bros. Roles
Mario- h0m3st4r (US: spoontheweirdo, LoopyGoopyG, rabidsonicfan
Luigi- Xocai (US: h0m3st4r, smf12345, LandonizAwsum)
Princess Peach Toadstool- skyeIre (US: Linkisia, Redhead, AerieFaerie)
Toad- yoshifan163 (US: LandoizAwsum, h0m3st4r, teddy)
King Bowser Koopa- Jacob M. Keene (US: VoiceAlex77, SoupyMax, Quantum)
Mushroom King- Feltheleb (US: marclovallo, Jacob M. Keene, CharlieSmithVoiceActing)
Moonfungie- Alleged Amatuer (US: Feltheleb, Teddy, Pokejedservo)
Daddy Bird- themanyvoicesofdoc
Pirahna Cheep-Cheep A- Noobie-Le
Pirahna Cheep-Cheep B- streebystation
Surfer Toad A- Pokejedservo
Surfer Toad B- luirae
Surfer Toad C- Noobie-Le
Surfer Toad D- luirae
Surfer Toad E- Noobie-Le
Surfer Toad F- Pokejedservo
Surfer Toad G- luirae
Surfer Toad H- luirae
Pidgit A- 76Blades
Pidgit B- meggie-elise
Pidgit C- Pokejedservo
Pidgit D- Pokejedservo
Pidgit E- 76Blades
Watered Toad A- yoshifan163
Watered Toad B- teddy
Watered Toad C- Pokejedservo
Little Bird- Funtime Mangle
Beans Sign- themanyvoicesofdoc
Person on Peach Attacked Plane- Raerock9!

Super Mario Shorts Roles
Flurrie- Marcel_Robert (US: BrooklynDizzy, Jacob M. Keene, Pokejedservo)
Bob-Omb- Jacob M. Keene (US: Marcel_Robert, Streebystation, Pokejedservo)
Phanto- TexturedBurrito (US: Jacob M. Keene, Pokejedservo)
Young Faithful Native American- Marcel_Robert
Throne Salesman- Marcel_Robert (US: Jacob M. Keene, Pokejedservo)
Wooster- teddy (US: Jacob M. Keene, Pokejedservo)
Mario & Luigi's Mother- TBD
Mother at Gift Shop- Thatoneracoonguy
Boy at Gift Shop- TBD

Hope to hear from you soon!

Check the link for an example of my Super Mario and Luigi impressions
Bump, deadline is a week from tomorrow.
Auditions are closed! Partial cast list will be up soon! (Though if you want to send anything really last minute than e-mail them to me at and/or
Alright folks this is back and all the Super Mario Bros roles have been cast but all the Super Mario Land and Super Mario Shorts roles are still available.
Alright folks deadline is today and any last-minute auditions (especially for the Super Mario Land/Game Boy roles) would be appreciated.
And closed! Cast list will be up by this upcoming week! (Though if anyone could PLEASE send in some auditions for the Super Mario Land roles that would be nice.)
Well Ladies & Gents almost all the Super Mario Shorts roles have been filled but all the Super Mario Land roles are still there so please do audition as the new deadline is 2 weeks from this upcoming Tuesday.
Well folks the deadline is today so if anyone could send in any auditions that would be great.
Well the deadline has been extended one more time to 6/10/18, hope to hear from you all soon.

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