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unpaid animuschool

Animation [Unpaid] AnimuSchool!
[Image: animu_school_charadesign.png]
Hello there! I'm working on a fanime (that I'd like to come out in 2018) but I need voices to keep on working! 

So I was hoping that maybe some of you would be interested? :3

But you might be asking yourself what is this fanime about? Well, let me explain! AnimuSchool! is what you could call a "spoof" fanime. The story follows the daily life of Nimonji Yume, a typical secondary character, who enters Animu School, a school forming the students to become anime characters. 

She decides to become a main character but she is horrible at it. Aaaaaannnd.. Hehe, I won't spoil anything else! 

It'll be airing on Youtube and I might add french subtitles (since it's my first language..).

Right now I'm searching for the main cast!


Regarding accents, I am flexible. I would prefer accents from North America but don't worry if you can't do it, it's really optional!

*Nimonji Yume
Nimonji is a pretty stubborn character but she's really nice when you get to know her. She wants to be a main character in an anime but is mediocre a everything and fails a lot! However, she's not the type to give up easily and won't stop until she gets what she want. That doesn't mean she'd do ANYTHING to get to her goals, she's just pushing her limits. I'd like a teen voice for her! But I really don't want it to be too high-pitched, so try to stay in the middle if possible! She's the girl on the center of the picture!

1.I'm Nimonji Yume.. Nice to meet you too. (neutral)
2.But mooooom.. (begging)
3.I'm.. I'm here for the Main Character class! (a bit pissed off)

*Tatakai Kasai
Tatakai is a typical shonen hero. She's pretty impulsive and tactless. She's also known to get angry easily. But she's still super cheerful and loyal! She's also really brave and hates seeing people being bullied. She has a cracked voice and usually talks fast (she's always super excited when she's in a good mood). I need you to be able to read long lines without making any pauses! If you want example of who fast she talks, just take Pinkie Pie from MLP when she's saying something super fast as an example! (She's the girl on the left)

1.Haha, good joke! (amused)
2.Is it something I said ? (inquiringly)
3.Mmh.. Nimonji uh? I think you're in the wrong class! Maybe you're lost? Secondary characters' class is in another aisle of the school, I can bring you there if you want! (joyful, talking quickly) -> Do this one as fast as you can please :3

*Kyonyuu Nyuu
Kyonyuu is a protective mother-like character. She's really mature (most of the time) and won't let her friends down. But she's also obsessed with magical girls and wants to bring justice to the world. Even if you can count on her, she's still a perv, falls in love really easily and can sometimes be a bit bossy. (She's the girl on the right)
She has a deep, calm and mature voice. It's not a soft or shy voice tho!

1.This is not a good idea .. (neutral)
2.Stop what you're doing right now! (determinated, shouting)
3.We could try to help her with that task, couldn't we? (Gentle, low voice)

How and where to send me your files?
-You can send the lines there: 
-You can also ask me questions here or email those to me, I'd be glad to help you!
-Please, save your files as Yourname_Character_Main.mp3/mp4/wav (only these formats please ♥)
-One file per character! 

If I choose you (Pikachu)
-You must be willing to give time to work on this! I'm no tyrant and I know we all have lines but I'd still like motivated people to work on this with me ♥
-If you're the chosen one (Big Grin), I'll send you a form to fill in with a few informations about you! (Nothing too personal, don't worry! It's just basic informations that I'll use to credit you or contact you if needed) 
-Don't worry about making mistakes while recording lines in the future, if I find the mistakes cute or funny, you might be in a blooper (with your consent) 
So you absolutely can say a line as many times as you want in one record! 
-I prefer Discord to talk ♥ 

Deadline: 20th December 2017
Do I need a demo reel to audition, or can I just give it a shot?
Thank you for following the rules! Smile
Marcy Tongue
Hello everyone! Thank you for auditioning and giving me so much actors to choose from! All of you were amazing. The casting call is closed! I will announce who got the roles in Januari 2018. Stay tuned!

And no problem Nerdomarcy ^^! Sorry for being late Albireo, I didn't get the chance to check out the forum because of school and work >^<"

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