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roles of the is mccray seeking multiple for disappearances auditions ella six

Audio Drama The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray is Seeking Auditions for Multiple Roles
*Note: the list of roles and sample lines has been edited to reflect the fact that some roles have been cast.

We are seeking auditions for a new audio drama from ZoomDoom Stories. This is a dark supernatural mystery involving conflicting accounts of the events surrounding a missing person’s case. Plot: On March 20th 2014, twenty-seven-year-old Ella McCray disappeared from her engagement party at a Southern Arizona ranch house. Six people witnessed her disappearance. All six provided completely incompatible accounts of what happened. This is the story of their attempts to uncover the truth about Ella’s disappearance and the impossible things the witnesses saw when she vanished.
The first season will consist of eight episodes and will feature eight main characters along with assorted smaller roles. If you would like to audition for a specific part, please record the sample lines provided and email the wav or mp3 file to with [Name of Character] +[Your Name]+Audition in the subject line. If you would like to audition for any role/supporting roles, write Any Character+[Your Name]+Audition in the subject line and record any sample lines provided. We are committed to developing a diverse case of voice actors and encourage actors of all backgrounds and gender identities to audition. All performers must have reasonably good recording equipment and a space in which to record.
Current Deadline: January 15th, 2018
IMPORTANT: Voice actors must be comfortable with violent and disturbing content, although we make every effort to avoid material that will be triggering and/or exploitative. In addition, all voice actors must be comfortable with queer-inclusive content, particularly same-sex romance. Finally, all voice actors must agree to communicate with each other either by Skype, phone, Facetime, etc, in order to produce more authentic performances over long distances.
These roles will be unpaid for the first season, but payment will be renegotiated in future seasons if Patreon and advertising revenues cover the cost of production.
Main Characters (American accents unless otherwise stated)

1.     July Calligaris [NOTE: We are only considering trans* performers for this part]: 26, transwoman, assertive, smart, hot-tempered. July is Ella’s ferociously loyal best friend from childhood. She considers Ella, Cora, and Jordan her found family and will do anything to find Ella.
            Sample Lines: Ok, dream journal entry for. . . I don’t know, whatever the fuck today’s      date is. I went to sleep for a few hours, right around 3:00 am. It’s been so long since any     of us slept, but searching in the dark wasn’t working anyway, so. . . Anyway. I had really          weird, bad dreams.
2.     Dalton Reese: 50, white collar, affluent background but also nice guy, peacemaker. Dalton is Ella’s soon-to-be father-in-law. He attempts to take charge of the search effort, but he is also conflicted about his son’s possible role in the disappearance.
Sample Lines: 1) Travis, please, calm down. When was the last time you slept? 2) Ella’s been great for Travis. My son’s a good kid, but he can be so driven, and she reminds him       to have fun.

3.     Joseph Zielony: Middle-aged, enigmatic but in a way that draws people in and invites trust. Joseph’s origins are unclear, so we are especially interested in auditions from people with authentic non-American accents (any country of origin).
Sample Lines: 1) No, I’m sorry, I haven’t seen her. But I’ll call if I see anything. I hope    you find her. 2) I get the sense you know more than you’re saying. Well, there’s nothing            wrong with that.         
4.     Tessa Larkin [NOTE: We are only considering women of color for this part]: Early middle age, African American, competent, professional. She is the lead detective on Ella’s case and is highly skeptical of most of their accounts of the disappearance.
            Sample Lines: 1) Can you remember anything specific about the street, something that     will help us identify it? 2) That’s probably true, but details might still be important. Do            you remember anything else?
Supporting Characters (typically one to two scenes)
Narrator: Female voice of the introductory recording at the beginning of each episode. This is a neutral, professional, bureaucratic voice.
            Sample lines: The following recordings were taken as evidence in the investigation of       Anomalous Event 2014-7457A, also known as the Ella McCray Incident. All were       recorded in March 2014.
Mitch: 40s, owner of tasting room, amiable
            Sample lines: I’m sure the sheriff’s department has a ton of people working on it. 
Cashier: any age, female, conscientious and helpful
            Sample lines: Of course, go right ahead. We’ll make sure folks see it.
Peggy: 50, professional woman, highly educated, experiencing extreme stress
            Sample lines: I just can’t believe this is happening. What about Travis? How’s he holding            up?
Esteban: 45, Hispanic, calm and level-headed, blue-collar
            Sample lines: Yeah, that’s why I’m calling. I’ve been trying for days, and I just can’t get a flight out of Ketchikan. I’ve never seen anything like it.
George Gibbons: 60s, helpful, plainspoken
            Sample lines: Oh, now, I’m real sorry to hear that. It’s just terrible, the things that go on   in this world. Are the police having any luck?          
Note: Some roles have been filled, but all listed here are still open and we are still actively seeking auditions for these parts. We will update weekly to reflect any ongoing changes.

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