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to discouraging moments and overcome how them

Discouraging moments and how to overcome them.
Hello all,

Some of you may know me, if not, My name is Xionfox or Jennifer. I'm an alumni of the VAA and working hard to make my mark of the world of Voice Acting and Voice Overs. If you're like me you've experiances some highs and you've experianced some lows thoughout your days, months, years, and even decades of voice over.

This thread is to show that, hey, everyone goes through discouraging moments. We've all hit that wall, missed the audition, got declined. Who got told you weren't good enough. 

Feel free to post your discouraging moments here and how you over came them.

I'll start with a recent happenstance.

Just recently I found out about a site that's called voicebunny. You can "Audition" To be voice talent and they review your audition and come back with "yeah that's great come voice for us" or "No re-do it here's what's wrong".

I submitted my first round audition and got a cold "Re do it, the audio quality needs work" I then proceeded to re-record it amping up my quality as best as I could without editing it. I then proceeded to get an email alerting me "You've voice acting is fantastic, we love it, however your quality is not to our standards." When listening to my recording they make it seem like I've got overshadowing white noise/hissing. When I know it's just a very slight noise that can either be taken away with noise reduction or will be covered by music when in final draft.

Now I'll admit. I can be a mildly salty person and honestly I shouldn't have done this cause it just frustrated me more then it should have. I went and listened to thier current talent. There were many with loud background noises, plosions, white noise, and peaking audio. It honestly upset me that a recording like that could make it but, my almost unnoticable hum stopped me from making it.

It was highly upsetting especially knowing that I've worked with professional companies before and that Voicebunny really liked my voice acting. I had to walk away from my computer. I questioned if I was good enough for at home recording.

Here's where I decided for a better mindset! They gave me a critique and I am happy I got it. I know now that I need to upgrade my at home setup and where I record in order to get a better chance at nailing online auditions. Though it's intense knowing that my $100 mic, $50 shock mount, $50 pop filter, and $100 in other various setup pieces were not enough to get higher quality I know that I slowly need to increase the quality of equipment I work with.

I'm now more motivated then ever to do my best!
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