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Fan Project Main Characters in Originular Show

Welcome to Originular Show's voice acting studio! This is the place where you can experience your voice acting techniques! Just sit down, relax and enjoy your role of Originular Show!

SERIES DESCRIPTION: In the series, it was the year 1998, which is actually 2014 in the real world. Originular Show is about an immortal 21-year old hybrid Red Margaretta named Benson Nathan Alexander von StevenFellsmore XIV nicknamed "Bloanjay" who does all the rocking and mature activities like street performing, being a band rocker and the Chief Leader of his new club called "The Red Shadowing." His club is in Shadow Muins Plaza in Mainsoft Square. Two Baltimores residents named Ghiff and Ghostavo - they always slack off to much. The other two are enemies named Cholony and Dall - they fight each other for no reason. Sharquetta is the #1 best witch in the 1990s - She does all the legendary things and discover the Baltimors kids about Mordecai Regularr from Ancient Woodfall. Later after that, Bloanjay and Ghostavo are now "colflings" in episode 2 (fourth episode overall) like in Regular Show. However, in the anternative universe, Bloanjay and Gartails are now best friends forever after Ghostavo saved his life. As of Season 3, Ghiff and Ghostavo are no longer secondary stars for the rest of the show. Bloanjay is now an official star of the entire series and will appear in every episode and season.

VOICE ACTING RULES: You must have a decent microphone, an audio-editing software and your scripts in order to be in the series. Originular Show may allow mild language but there will be NO profanity or other strong language throughout the production. You'll be rejected if you use any strong language in your audition.

Have fun with your auditioning experience!

Auditions will be starting November 1, 2017. Post your auditions to DillonySolidColony1501@gmail.comSmile
Auditions should be posted in the audition thread only please unless you wish for a critique on the video as a standing demo reel.
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As Xionfox said this isn't the place for this, this area is for actors to post their demo reels and short clips. If you want to hold an audition read our rules and post in auditions. Thanks!

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