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s over resume xionfox voice

Resume Xionfox's Voice Over Resume
Click to listen to my Demo Reel

My name is Jennifer and I am a Texas based Voice Actress. I've been voice acting online since 2007, getting my start on the VAA or, The voice acting alliance. I've gone by several alias which include Midnightmoonproductions, Aziro Fusima, and now Xionfox. I've worked on everything from fandubs to professional paid gigs over the last 10 years and am still going. I got my professional start at FUNimation in April of 2017 doing additional voices. With one project released and another releasing soon I look forward to my continuing participation within the Professional Voiceacting world.

-Along with voice acting I add into my resume singing. I've been singing all my life and pride myself in being flexable in all aspects of it. I've sung in many groups, with the most prominent being the VAA Chorus and the YT Chorus. I've been contracted for original peices for projects as well! 
-When it comes to Accents I can throw at you: Southern, British, and on good days I can do russian.
-Lastly I am available to dub in several languages my main being: English, German, and Japanese. With time given I am also available to dub in spanish.

Along with voice acting I also craft including:
- Cosplay
- Digital Art
- Dancing
- Animating


Professional Credits:
Newton County Christmas Radio Ad - 2002
Clockwork Planet - Additional Voices/Ambiance
[Currently in NDA for the 2nd one]

Origianal works:
Adrenaline - Yui
"I Need some bread & Cereal to" - Mother

Fandub Works:
Kore wa zombie desu ka - Haruna 
Fire Emblem - Amelia
Azumanga Diaoh The Abridged Series - Kaorin [Parts 4 and 5]
Ookami-san - Ryouko

I was in more, sadly It's all been lost to the great internet beast. I hope to be in more soon though!

Texas based Professional Voice Actress
Animation Demo Reel
My Twitch

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