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unpaid analogous movement audio drama

Audio Drama [Unpaid] Analogous Movement
[Image: DNhOh6wW0AE4kM6.png]

In an attempt to find a new job, Elinor "Eli" Torosian finds herself and her friends dragged into a conundrum that quite literally transcends time and space itself.

Analogous Movement is an upcoming sci-fi audio drama, paying homage to the detective radio dramas from the 30s and 40s, with a slight allusion to Orson Welles’s War of the World’s broadcast.

The first episode is set to be released February 23rd. I will be release the episode (hopefully) on iTunes. They will also be available on YouTube. 

Please email your lines to me at as an mp3 file.  Title your email: Analogous Audition and then the character you are auditioning for. Like so: Analogous Audition [Character name]. In the body of your email, please give me your name, best place to contact you, any websites or social media you might have and your discord (or skype if you do not have a discord). Also include your availability. 

The auditions will close November 17th and I will get back to chosen actors towards the beginning of December. Be prepared to start production mid-December.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you compensation. If in the near future, I have enough money and could make a profit off Analogous Movement, I am open to discussing it with the actors. At this time, however, you are free to put Analogous Movement on your resume and use me as a reference. 

Logo is done by @shillyyshally on twitter and art of characters is done by @Pratzelwurm on twitter. 

The following characters will be appearing in episode one. 



Anyone can audition for this role. The only thing I am looking for in terms of casting is being able to speak clearly and calmly- like a narrator would. This role is basically just announcing things such as “this is Analogous movement!” or the location of where the story is taking place. Note: Up to five people will have this role. If you have been cast as a character, you can still audition for the narrator. Any accents will be acceptable. 

Line 1: Life, with its rules, its obligations, and its freedoms, is like a sonnet: You're given the form, but you have to write the sonnet yourself. A Wrinkle in Time, By Madeleine L’Engle.

Line 2: Analogous Movement. Part one: The Soul’s Bandaged Moments. Gulf Coast Undercity #3, North America. July 2164.

Line 3: Thus concludes our program. Tune in next time to see the thrilling conclusion! Or not.

Line 4: Welcome back! Did you miss us?

Eli Torosian
[Image: DMjseB6X4AAQHsC.png]

Looking for a trans woman between the ages of 18-24. Her voice is in the countertenor range. She sounds very apathetic most of the time, or disinterested. Eli’s voice becomes more emotional when distressed or upset. Can tend to be very snappy. She speaks very fast, but slow enough you can understand her.  Eli doesn’t take herself very seriously, so don’t think you have to sound serious, you can be a little over the top. Her accent is a regular accent that you would hear in the Midwest- the Northern Inland Dialect if you will. 

Line 1: [in an apathetic tone, kind of sarcastic] … okay there’s like… three different kind of responses to your question. One, I could joke and just say depression. Two, I could say I don’t know. Three is... any of my chronic illnesses. Take your pick. My personal choice is depression.

Line 2: [in a tired voice] Oh jesus christ chill the fuck out. Can’t ask how far I hopped in time? Sheesh.

Line 3: [upset]: Ha, after losing this job, how the shit can you expect me to find another one?!

Line 4: [Ranting] No because most of those jobs were in high places for detective work and like, they’re gonna say my name or pass it around or something! I can’t fucking work for that job Cari! All my chances are fucking shot.

Ndidi Hobbs

[Image: DMjsfppWAAAyZDE.png]

Looking for a black woman between the ages of 18-24. Her vocal range is more of a mezzo soprano. Her accent is a Northern English accent, specifically the Yorkshire county area. However, I will be okay with any English accent you can pull off and sound authentic. Ndidi speaks in a very calm manner most of the time, and her voice is a bit soft. Not to entirely give away spoilers, but she is in a situation where she has to conceal a lot of information, making her uncomfortable. Any line explaining her mission is a bit anxious and feels forced, as Ndidi is not a fan of lying. (Her name is pronounced Nn-DEE-dee)

Line 1: [Introductory, explanatory] My partner and I were sent to this time period to... investigate an… [hesitant] incident. I know that sounds really fishy- cause I’m pretty sure time travel was just being invented at this time. Anyway, back to what I was saying. So, my partner and I got sent here because something happened to the past- well I guess technically that’s your present. Anyways. [clears throat] Basically, we were sent here to see how it’s going to affect our future.

Line 2: [assuring] It’s not your fault, see Jas- the tall person over there, and I do this all the time. I mean, err… we investigate time problems. Like a time problem can be anything from like a criminal trying to go back and kill someone- that one happens a lot, I think you can tell why. So you’re really not the [cringing] first case that this has happened to.

Line 3: [confrontational] I’ve been in this agency three years and for what? I can’t keep just… lying to someone we’re supposed to help. Can you at least let me tell her something about what we’re doing?

Line 4: [casual, conversational] Well, fun facts the way they do brain chips in this time period is  dangerous in ours. I mean, most everyone has a brain chip, but the surgery is… a lot less, I guess the right word is invasive,- in 2296. I don’t know what they changed, but is it really true some people died from the old surgery?

Carina "Cari" Wallace

[Image: DMjsg4cX0AA-ozq.png]

Looking for a latina between the ages of 20-25. Her vocal range is an alto to mezzo-soprano. Cari’s voice is kind of tired, and she’s kind of chill like her roommate Eli is. Though she’s less biting and sarcastic, and takes herself a bit more seriously. Cari’s voice will need to sound a little off put with what she’s dealing with, but she’s hardly ever truly mean and can sound stern when she needs to. She has that of a typical Central Texan accent. It is not too heavy.

Line 1: [Encouraging] Oh come on, you’ll find something. I mean… you… just don’t put down your last five failed jobs? I mean I can bullshit and be a ref for you?

Line 2: [stern] Eli, I’m sure they’re not going to spread your name around. Look, [a sigh] Eli, I understand it and everything but… I don’t want to throw you out… but I really am getting tired of not knowing how much rent you’re going to be able to pay. How about this… why don’t we go spend tonight seeing if there’s a job for you that could work?

Line 3: [angry] This isn’t the time, smart ass. God, now I have to redo the share of the rent. [Cutting someone off]  I’m still pissed at you, but I don’t want you out of money until you can find another job.

Line 4:  [casual, more conversational] Okay so… oh my god Eli… you can time travel now? How did you even manage that? That’s so hilarious… maybe not hilarious but, how did you manage that? I… wow this has got to be the weirdest mess you’ve ever gotten yourself in.

Nari Kang

[Image: DMjsnrGXkAEaUrw.png]

Looking for a Korean woman between the ages of 16-20. Nari’s voice is in the soprano range. She needs to sound very energetic most of the time, but her reactions are a bit immature. Most of the time Nari will ramble about science- specifically her favorite, chemistry. Her voice picks up speed when super excited or when freaking out. When around people she doesn’t know, her voice is very soft. Nari is a fun character, but be aware that she can be shy. Don’t worry too much about switching between the two. She has a Northern American Inland Accent.

Line 1: [getting asked a question about her latest project, excited] Oh! Well you see here I have this thing called a plasma gun and I know, I know original… but let me explain to you exactly what makes mine so unique. See most of the time they’re really short range and you can’t actually use the gun as… well a gun, but I managed to create one that is long range and can be able to shoot a continuous stream. Oh and not to mention it has the abilities to shoot quick streams if that’s your thing too. Also, my friend uhm… my friend Mel helped me design it she’s a really good designer and… oh. Right yeah sorry… uhm. Yeah this is my project!

Line 2:  [explaining] Uh… well see from what I know about time travel- I don’t really know physics so I might not be accurate. Well, we’re kind of moving in a linear fashion on our timeline, but see you can step out of the linear fashion via uh… well, death. So you can understand how nasty it is to figure out a way to not… die. So what I think people do is remove any connection the timeline has on you to make you time travel and then force your body to move faster or slower or… reverse in regards to how we’re moving. Uh, well the “we” being everyone else moving linear in the timeline.

Line 3: [meeting someone for first time, shy, soft] Oh. You’re… uhm… are you one of Anton’s friends? Uh… oh you’re not, I don’t think. I mean, uh… it’s a pleasure to meet you! Uh…  

Line 4: [interjecting, fleeting] It can’t be a machine! There’s only one time machine in existence! No one’s ever gotten so far with time travel as to use a… a chemical! What chemical would you even use?!

Anton Lowe

[Image: DMjsuAbXcAASHbc.png]

Looking for a man between the ages of 18-25. Anton’s voice is in the baritone to tenor range. His voice is a higher pitch and a little nasally. He’s very jokey and upbeat, but often times can be kind of mean. Underneath that he’s more emotional, but that hardly ever shows. It’s usually when he’s stressed and put under pressure do you see that side of him. He has a central Texan accent. As a note, please don't make his accent too thick. He's from what's formerly metropolitan Houston/Austin to give you a good reference point.  

Line 1: [snarky] Ohhhhh, just because I was right and that you lost your job. Well, I see how it is.

Line 2: [embarrassed] Well your parents were nice enough to let me stay there! I’m just saying as a fact.

Line 3:  [holding back laughter] No, no it’s the right time… this is fucking hilarious!

Line 4:  
[upset and emotional] I just… I couldn’t stand that you, the person who always had fuck ups and failures somehow is doing okay. And… I’m not! Nothing has ever happened to me that was good or bad and yet I’m letting some fucking scumbag walk all over me… and I stay cause I think it’ll teach me something! But it hasn’t! It just makes me feel worse.

Melina "Mel" I

[Image: DMjsve8XcAALwEU.png]

Looking for a woman between the ages of 18-26. Mel’s voice is in the mezzo-soprano range. She’s often a tag along to Nari and Anton’s antics. Mel tries to be kind, but she’ll slip out and be kind of nasty if something or someone is bothering her constantly. Though Mel is more the type to notice if anyone in the group is feeling down first. She has a Northern American Inland Accent. 

Line 1: [Explanatory, conversational] Oh, nothing. The usual. Anton is suffering because he lost a bunch of games in a row. And Nari wanted to hang out with someone other than him since he was going to be a sulking baby. And Cahya didn’t want to stay cooped up in their apartment while dealing with a sulking baby. So, here we are.

Line 2: [Confused] Uh? Everything okay guys?

Line 3: [Taken aback] No you didn’t? You had to rush to tell me you were excited about finishing your design. I thought you told everyone?

Line 4: [tired] I agree, but why don’t we just focus on more positive things at the moment?

Cahya Duong

[Image: DMjswdFX4AAs1H0.png]

Looking for a non-binary southeast asian between the ages of 20-25. Cahya’s vocal range is in alto. They’re the partner of Anton and have been dating for about two years now. They’re a bit blunt often times, but usually try to do it in a humorous manner. Despite being very upfront and “brutally honest” they really do care a lot about Anton and his friends. (Their name is pronounced CHAH-yah) They have a Northern American Inland Accent.

Line 1:  [Jokingly] I’ll believe you when you can hold a job for… more than… what’s the longest you’ve ever held a job?

Line 2: [smug] Something wrong Nari?

Line 3: [jokingly dramatic] How kind of you, to jump to your dear friend’s defense.

Line 4: [Upset] Cause I think he’s a dick. And just a nasty person in general. I have no idea why Anton is dating him. But whatever, guess I have to respect someone who hates me! Load of bull ass fucking shit.

Celeste Resnik 

Looking for a non-binary jewish person who can at least sound older- up to their late 20s or 30s. Their voice is in the alto to mezzo-soprano range. Celeste is Eli’s Parent. They’re a bit forgetful about pretty much anything, including when their daughter starts school. Though Celeste is very kind and tries to be patient. They speak very cheerfully. They have a North Texan accent. 

Line 1: [Just on the phone, conversational] Oh good! I was having issues earlier with my audio, but glad it’s working now. Oh, right sorry, I completely forgot! How was work today? I know you started it… uhm, when did you start it?

Line 2: [Remembering] Alright. Oh right! I was wondering when you were coming up to visit? I just wanted to know in advance in case you needed money to take the sub.

Line 3: [Concerned] Okay? Mm, you just check that. I want to see you before you go back to school at the very least. Does September sound good to you?

Line 4: [happy] Oh, that’s good. I hope you’re having fun with it! But, uhm, right… why I was calling?


If you audition and are not cast, you are still invited to be extras for episode one and to audition future episodes. For any questions please email me at 

For any updates regarding the series, please visit the twitter, the tumblr, or the main website.

Thank you and good luck! 
As a heads up, I will be extending the audition due date out to the 27th. I will still try to announce everyone the first week of December.
I'll be moving the announcement day to December 15th. Thank you! I may also extend out the deadline if I don't receive enough auditions.
Heads up, auditions close in a week! I am still looking for Cahya and Ndidi if anyone is interested.

I meant to phrase that as, no one has auditioned for them at the time of posting this.
Hi everyone, today is the last day for auditions. Still as of now, Cahya and Ndidi have no auditions. I'll likely be extending the audition due date out for these two characters. Thanks!
Hi, so sorry to be posting so late. But I would like to let everyone know that I am reopening the role for Anton Lowe! I will leave his role open until the 3rd as production has begun. Ndidi Hobbs will remain open until the 28th. Thanks!

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