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final fantasy radio show 4 casting

Audio Drama Final Fantasy 4 Radio Show! Casting!
Now casting for Season One of the Final Fantasy 4 Radio Show!

Final Fantasy IV (known as Final Fantasy II in the U.S.) was a video game originally published by SquareSoft for the SNES in 1991. It has since been re-mastered and re-made multiple times for multiple systems and now we are creating an unofficial radio adaptation of the classic story of sword and sorcery.

The game follows Cecil, a dark knight, who begins to question his king's motives, which sets off a chain of events that leads him on the path to righteousness. Along the way he and his friends discover an ancient forgotten history of their planet (and beyond!).

Season One (6 episodes) follows the story of FF4 up to, and including, Cecil's climactic transformation into a paladin. Season Two will see the heroes valiant efforts to stop Golbez turn deadly. Season Three will follow their time in the underworld of the dwarves. And, finally, Season Four will reveal the secret of the crystals as well as Cecil and Golbez's tragic shared past before culminating in a battle for the fate of the world that you will not want to miss!

This is a FULL RE-SCRIPT of Final Fantasy 4 into radio play format, and will be published on YouTube and as a Podcast on iTunes (fingers crossed). I'm taking full artistic license with the plot, characters, and dialog; pulling from every different version of the game. It is still very much FF4, but delivers a fresh, exciting new adaptation! using the format:


Send your audio files (one file per character) to using any standard audio format

Listen to the PILOT EPISODE or take a look at my previous project, The FINAL FANTASY 6 FANDUB

To contact me directly with any questions email ff4radioshow(at)

*The actors for Cecil and Rosa are continuing their wonderful work from the Pilot episode. Apologies to anyone hankering for those roles.

I love accents! I want you to try any accent you believe you can do well consistently or you believe fits the character. BUT be warned that I am a HARSH CRITIC of sub-par accent work. No Dick Van Dyke nonsense.


Male/Female, Ageless
Delivers an intro and outro for each episode. Warm, pleasant voice tone. 
Able to project excitement and generate interest in the show to come.

Audition Lines:

Quote:This is a tale of far away and long ago...
A time when knights and kings gripped the world with fists of iron and steel!
A world where magic and technology clash together in awesome competition for power!
This is The Final Fantasy Four Radio Show!

Quote:The airships of the mighty Red Wings from the Kingdom of Baron race across the sky on their way home after a successful mission in the mystical country of Mysidia.
The crew look forward to their return to hearth and home, but one man, their Captain, Cecil the Dark Knight, casts his gaze backward...

Male/Female, Varied Ages
Crew of Red Wings (x3), Merchant, Baron Soldiers (x2), Cap'n, Chancellor, Sailors
Nine varied background roles. Nine chances to try out your crazy voices!
THESE ROLES ARE VERY IMPORTANT! I love to have a bouquet of extras available just in case.

Please audition here if you are unsure of which role to try for!

Audition Lines:

Quote:Hey! How's it going? You doin' anything later today?

Quote:Y'arr. Fifteen souls went ashore that day. An' only ol' Flint himself sailed away. 

Quote:Bilbo Baggins was a hobbit who wanted to be left alone in quiet comfort. But the wizard Gandalf came along with a band of homeless dwarves. Soon Bilbo was drawn into their quest, facing evil orcs, savage wolves, giant spiders, and worse, unknown dangers. Finally, it was Bilbo -- alone and unaided -- who had to confront the great dragon Smaug, the terror of an entire countryside...


Male, age 20-40
Baigan does not care about you. 
Baigan only cares about Baigan.

Sarcastic and apathetic. A drawling, sneering, douchey voice.

This character may return in Season 2.

Audition Line:

Quote:Hmph, isn't killing what you do? You are a Dark Knight after all, Cecil. I didn't think you could still feel pity.


Male, age 40+
King of the country of Baron. Regal and imposing. He has a secret plan for which he is gathering the world’s Crystals.

This character will return in Season 2.

Audition Lines:

Quote:Ah! Cecil! The Kingdom of Baron hails your return! We trust you have the Crystal?

Quote:If the state of the Red Wings so concerns you, Dragoon, that you would eavesdrop on the Royal Chamber, then you may join him in his penance. Take the ring! And do not enter Our sight again until it is done! 


Male/Female, age 18-30
Cecil’s closest friend. A sporty sort of person who enjoys fighting for it’s own sake, rather than for any cause or loyalty. Kain was abandoned as a child and now clings to Cecil and Rosa. Perhaps Kain clings a little too closely though, and wishes for things to always stay just as they are between them. Kain has noticed Rosa’s affection for Cecil and is beginning to grow jealous.

Voice type: Athletic and yet also oddly indolent. Think Jaleel White's Sonic the Hedgehog, or Ashleigh Ball's Rainbow Dash

I would prefer to cast this role female to balance out the skewed gender ratio of the original story, but am accepting male voiced auditions.

Audition Lines:

Quote:Majesty! I petition on Cecil's behalf. Please reconsider! He has done no wrong, he questions out of care for his subordinates. He meant no disrespect, I assure you!

Quote:Ahh, I woulda come with you anyway. Slaying monsters is right up my alley! Anyhow, the King'll relax as soon as we finish his "mission of contrition". We are his favorites.


Male, age 30-50
A rough, tough, jolly sort of fellow. Cid takes life as it comes and is enthusiastic about everything he does, damn the consequences!  He has a daughter whom he is very proud of but not very close to. Cid is always working on airships and other mechanical inventions.

Cid's voice should feel bombastic and loud (without actually clipping out, plz!) Think Brian Blessed or perhaps John Lithgow.

Audition Lines:
Quote:What's the matter, kiddo? You and your goons better not have wrecked up my airships!

Quote:The King's been acting mighty peculiar. You know, the other day he asked me if I could design an airship that can torch an entire city? I mean, obviously I could! But... makes me wonder if Baron will be going to war soon.


Female, age 20-40
A mysterious dragon made of living mist. And also Rydia’s mother. The strongest of the valley’s summoners and it’s chief protector.

One time, Non-recurring role

Audition Line

Quote:Leave at once and no harm will come to you. We will not allow further trespass.


Female, age Child/Teen
A young child just beginning to learn the way of the world and find her incredible strength in summoning and taming beasts. Rydia has a kind heart and has been taught to never kill or injure. She is able to sense the feelings that others carry, even if they are not aware of it themselves. 

Rydia will be aging for season 2 to teen age. Priority may be given to actors able to play both ages.

Voice Type: Childish but not immature. Sounds like 10-14 years old.

Audition Lines:
Quote:Mother! Get up! Please! The fire- *gasp!*

Quote:He kills everything. Do you think... can I help him? Or is it too late?
I'm coming with you! You'll need all the help you can get to tame that creature!


Male/Female, ageless 
A blustering medic. Will talk anyone’s ear off if given half a chance but has a kind heart and a charitable streak a mile wide.

*First season role only

Audition Line:
Quote:Oh, you poor lamb. What has happened? Oh, but, no. You needn't say if you don't wish to. Lost your parents. I'm sure, I'm sure. Tragedy! Oh cruelty! But let's just look at you! All worn and filthy from traveling. The earthquake, no doubt? Thought we might see a few come through here, I did. But you're the first. And such a dear young thing!


Male, age 40-80
World renowned sage of the mystical, magical arts. Tellah settled in the desert to raise his daughter, Anna, and to meditate on the mysteries of the shifting sands. Tellah has lived by his own code for a very long time and believes wholly in his own judgement. Stubborn to a fault, Tellah’s strength is his greatest weakness.

Voice Type: Cranky old guy, slightly reedy or nasal.

Audition Lines:

Quote:You there, Knight! Did I hear that right? You aim to clear the waterway to Damcyan? I beg you, let me come with you! I have tried to get through the waterway alone to no avail. The beast is strong. Strong, I warn you! But perhaps the three of us together...

Quote:It is vicious. A writhing mass of tentacles and malice. And I am too old now to face it alone. Once, perhaps...
But I fear something else may be waiting for us. I sense a darkness beyond. A doom yet clouded in the fog of the future...
Stay and weep if you must! Do what you will; I don't care! Anna will be avenged. You keep your nose out of it! This death will be mine alone.


Male/Female, age 18-30
The prince of the country of Damcyan and husband of Anna. A highly skilled musician and a born diplomat. Edward believes that any disagreement can be solved with communication. He detests violence.

I would like to cast this with a female/feminine voice but keep Edward as a male role.

Audition Lines:

Quote:You're right. I'm nothing but a coward, just as you say. I only wanted him to leave. Leave us in peace. My Anna... and me...

Quote:Put your sword away! There has been enough death today. Antlions are docile creatures. I shall get you your pearl. You stay here.
Anna... what can I do now that you are gone? Everything is lost. Our kingdom is fallen, and I... I could do nothing. I still can do nothing. You loved to hear me sing and play but what good are they? What good is music in a world falling apart!?


Female, age 18-30
Tellah’s daughter and wife of Edward. Anna is just as headstrong as her father and has eloped with Edward. A powerful magic-user, but not strong enough to stand against Golbez.

Audition Line:

Quote:Father! Stop it!
... just stop. There's... nothing you can do. Edward is... my husband... I love him...


Male, age 20-50
Master of the monks of Fabul. Yang is highly disciplined Despite this, he is a humble man, and so does not bask in his glory, but rather tries his best to be respectful.

Voice type: A deep, gentle, calming voice. 

Audition Lines:

Quote:I was lucky. We are all lucky. Most of their force already left, certain of victory. My comrades... we were ambushed. Drawn out onto the mountain by a decoy.

Quote:Had enough of my friend's sword? Then perhaps you'd like to try my fists!? Hy-aahh!


Male, ageless
Unknowable master of darkness. Golbez is the Dark Knight who replaces Cecil in the Red Wings. Little is known about him, but he shows a callous disdain for life and only a grudging respect for power. Golbez hides a terrible secret in his past.

Voice Type: Deep and scary. Vader-esque.

Audition Lines:

Quote:Hmm? Ah. You must be Cecil. My predecessor in the Red Wings.
Enough. I did not come to gabble with insects. Kain! Take the crystal.

Quote:Ask not the eagle how he soars, little prince. My motives are beyond your ken.

Quote:Fighting? This is no fight. I am simply collecting crystals. You are the ones who insist on throwing yourselves in my path.


Female, age 20-50
Wife of Yang. (AKA Sheila, Ursula) Not much is known about Yin. She is fiercely protective of her husband and home.

Audition Line:

Quote:Soon after you left the sentries spotted those airships coming in from the west. The King ordered the city to evacuate. But I stayed put! None of those Baron thugs are going to touch MY house.


Male/Female, ageless
Ruler of the country of Fabul. All the more regal for their humility. Can be "Queen" or "King". Could be a child ruler or an aged monarch.

Audition Line:

Quote:Yes, we have been informed of the situation. And I must apologize to you, Master Yang. I unwisely sent your monks to their doom in the mountains, and shamefully fled when the airships appeared.


Male, age Child/Teen
An apprentice Black Mage from the land of Mysidia. Though young, Palom has proven himself a skillful, if arrogant, student of magic. He is a casual show-off, even to adults, and refers to himself as "The Mysidian Genius" or "Prodigy". 

Audition Lines:

Quote:Watch it, buddy! You're talkin' to the most powerful dark wizard in the whole world!

Quote:Some people say that a monster from the depths of night resides at the summit. Others say there's nothing there. Like, it's a metaphor or something. Like, the whole time, YOU were the obstacle.


Female, age Child/Teen
An apprentice White Mage from the land of Mysidia. Mature for her age, Porom is already an accomplished spellcaster. She is respectful and polite, and often has to keep Palom in line. She loves her brother and supports his quest to become a Sage, but believes he lacks the discipline.

Audition Lines:

Quote:Perhaps you were unaware, sir. I just so happen to be one of the most puissant white witches in the world.
Well, I WAS just gonna lead him quietly into a cell in the tower. But you're right, Palom, yelling and making a scene is a much more sensible option!


Male/Female, age 40+
A leader of the town of Mysidia. Unusually long-sighted and kind. They are Porom & Palom’s teacher and an old friend of Tellah.

Audition Line:
Escort this man to the summit of Mount Ordeals. I see a dim star shining in the once-dark night sky... this will be a test for all of you.


Male/Female, ageless
The archfiend of Earth and appointed guardian of Mt Ordeals. It is an undead monster which Golbez has set to keep Cecil out of the summit cavern. 

Audition Line:
I am the gaoler of this forsssaken peak. Golbez set me here and now I have company at lassssst. Come! I shallll pulllll you into my embrace.


Male, 30+
A mysterious reflection in the summit cavern? Or something more? He is only a dim, echoing voice now. 

Audition Line:

I have waited for you for an age, it seems. And yet our meeting has come too soon, for now I must do as I have been dreading. The time is come! Hold your sword of darkness to the light!

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