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spines seeking voice actress for episode one

Audio Drama SPINES Seeking Voice Actress for One Episode
NOTE: The deadline has been extended to November 14th. Also, while we appreciate the interest of all voice actors, we are only considering voice actresses of color for this role.

SPINES is a horror mystery audio drama. Our first two seasons are complete and we are seeking a voice actress to narrate one episode in Season 3. This will be an episode of roughly 20 minutes, narrated entirely by this actress, and will be the first appearance of an important previously-mentioned character. Must have access to reasonably good recording equipment and a space in which to record. If you are interested in auditioning, please record the sample lines on the microphone you would be using to record the part. Auditions are due November 14th, and can be sent to Please name the file (wav or mp3 preferred) [your first name] + Winry Audition. 

More information about the show can be found at

Description: Winry

Black woman, late twenties to early thirties. Must have an American accent but we are open to any region. Winry is nerdy, quick-thinking, nervous, high-energy, a gifted scientist and researcher. Her scenes will take place during times of intense stress, in which she will be struggling to maintain her composure and talk her way out of a life-threatening situation.

Sample Lines: I should have told Wren or Shan or somebody about this. Ok, that was dumb, I admit it, but I knew they’d try to stop me. But, look, I want you to know I wasn’t focused on sabotage or assassination or anything like that. I didn’t break in here to hurt you or any of your people. I just wanted to help the prisoners.
Hi, quick question. What's the pitch you are thinking for this character?
(10-22-2017, 02:36 PM)CrystalMushroom Wrote: Hi, quick question. What's the pitch you are thinking for this character?

We're imagining her as having a medium/medium-high pitch voice. She's an adult but is physically on the small side and so might sound a bit younger than her listed age.
Audition sent
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