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male unpaid female project massive american north player mod doom doom3 game phobos for single looking

Video Game [UNPAID]Phobos - Massive Single Player project looking for North American male/female
We are looking for voice actors and talent for a big nonprofit game. We are making a top-notch mod that in quality feels like a big indie game. When fully released it will be THE biggest Single Player mod made for Doom 3, and maybe even for any game out there! In Scope, this is comparable to something like Black Mesa: Source. This isn’t a remake, but an unofficial expansion pack with custom content and story. We are at the final stages of development and need voice actors to help finish it. We are a small team with 3 people remaining, that have been on the core team since the beginning. This is a project of passion that will hopefully make an impact. This is where you come in!

Part of our narrative mechanic is through conversations, the player experiences with a few characters over an intercom system. Think SOMA and Firewatch. We will provide a complete script with directions on what to say and where to go with the dialogue. You will have the opportunity to give feedback and change the dialogue if something sounds wrong. The ideal would be a couple, or friends who are used to working together or are able to bounce off the dialogue with each other to get the best result of a natural conversation - but we are open for an application from anyone! We will hook whoever we find up with each other and the team, so we can get the best out of each other. With the right people we can make this a truly unique experience.

The mod will be released in episodes. It is expected of you to maintain your role since we can’t record all dialogue for all episodes all at once. Some periods might be slow in between releases, but when there is work to do, there will be plenty. When this takes off it should be a great opportunity and showcase for anyone who wants to work in the video game industry or voice acting in general.

More info about the project on our website:

Send your application with sample dialogue (see examples below (do not apply effects)) to and we will get back to you.

Deadline: 01/11/2017

Player character
Age: 30-35
Gender: Male
Voice style: Caucasian North American
Personality: Snark. Investigative. He sometimes talks with himself - think Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Sample dialogue:

(distressed, pissed)
“I was left behind by your federal friends! They fucking left! The original crew is dead! Killed by gunfire. Your friends most likely.”

(To himself sarcastically)
“Great….That’s just fantastic, Samantha. How are you?”

(distressed, hopeless, giving up, pissed)
“This is fucking bullshit. I wake up in this hellhole and...and everything is fucked. I don’t remember anything about my past. I don’t know anyone. The only living things I see are those fuckers! The only contact out of this place I have is to a soft-voiced drill sergeant that might as well be a robot...”

(confused, trying to remember)
“I..I was told to go here. I hit my head...apparently. I’m not sure how it happened.”

Samantha Miles
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Voice style: Caucasian North American
Personality: Serious. Suppressed playfulness.

Sample dialogue:

(Informative, insisting)
“We can’t. The flagship is heading to Phobos to reinforce our position there. It’s not a place you want to be near. No, what I would highly suggest is that you catch the shuttle in the landing terminal nearby. I told you about that - and Frank. He’s waiting for you.”

(caring, nostalgic)
“Well, I...I care about YOU, Sam. Look. *SIGH*  Calm down. I’ve known Calloway for some time now. We met through the agency back on Earth. We’re good friends. At least...we used to be.”

(Playful, delivering good news)
“You ask him about your identity, grab a cold one and relax behind the fortified walls of safety….obviously. All I ask of you is….contact me and tell me he’s safe. Even if it means going beyond those walls. Please.”

Male NPCs
We need a person who can do several Male voices for a few NPCs in the game

Sample dialogue:

(informative, friendly)
“You were gone for a minute there. We found nothing to be concerned about. Your head injury does not appear to be new, but has merely opened up again - most likely due to a recent blow to the temple. Do you still not recollect what happened or any details about your person?”

Security guard
(apologetic, hopeless)
“Sorry dude, this way is blocked. Some idiot placed all these boxes here and I’m trying to figure out where they should go.”

Computer feedback voice
Computerized voice providing feedback for certain actions in the game.
“Synthetic synthetics.” Think periods between most words. Modulate a little differently. Put emphasis on the wrong words and places.

Sample dialogue:

“Cargo line fuel is empty. Please transfer fuel”


“Cargo. LINE. Fuel. Is empty. PLEASE. Transfer. Fuel”

“Bridge in silo 1 is locked”


“Bridge. IN. Silo 1. Is locked”
Hi--I see that you posted this on "10-05-2017, 11:42 AM" but the deadline reads "Deadline: 01/11/2017" -- just want to verify that it should be "01/11/2018" instead of 2017.

I would actually suspect it's November 1st and they are using British date writing conventions. Smile
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Yeah it's November 1st Smile
Thank you everyone for your auditions! We have received way over the amount we even dared to hope for! Much appreciated. We will contact everyone individually when we’ve reviewed everyone.
Are you still taking applicants?
This closed in November, so I'm going to go ahead and close this.
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