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a voice narrator for acting looking

Looking for a narrator!
Hi. my name is Jason, me and my friend has started to make some skits. here is one if u wanna see: anyways, we are making a new mini series called "my wierd routines" where we will show the morning, day and night routine of our character. we need a narrator badly for all 3, so if you're willing to do a narration for all three of them. gladly contact us!

Contact info
Skype: fredric.json
Steam: Strej70

You need to be 15 or higher

you need an semi deep voice. if you are younger then 15 and have a decent deep voice.
contact us anyway [Image: smiley.png]

You need to have a decent mic.

and thats pretty much it! [Image: grin.png]

Deadline: October 12th
Need a bit more detail please
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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