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michael mike bachelors new theater youtuber 2017 mega gaming speech mendez lee voice reel demo

Michael Lee Mendez (Mega Mike) Voice Demo Reel (Gaming) 2017
Michael Lee Mendez
(Mega Mike)


Here's what I have!

A demo reel is supposed to put your best self forward. Using pre-recorded clips kinda makes it feel like an after effect
Try not to used already created characters. [i.e. if a studio wanted spongebob they'd grab the original actor]
Showcase what you think makes your voice unique!
For your intro, we know we're watching a demo reel. Try to keep it to just your name and don't add dates cause it puts and exp date!]
Don't use video clips, make an MP3 audio file, clips detract from the attention paid to your voice

You have a decent range and some good odd voices.
When you do your intro and outtro your audio quality is pretty good [apply that to the whole reel <3]
I could tell you were having fun with the characters, not just a "oh man heres a demo reel gg"

Nice helmet!!!
Texas based Professional Voice Actress
Animation Demo Reel
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