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video tf2 voice

Video Game Tf2 Video Voice
I'm making a youtube video for my channel on the interesting mechanics of Ubers in tf2
If you don't play the game, that's fine, but post any questions for pronunciation below. 

Slow, easy and clear to understand. After each sentence give a good pause. This is an informational video, and time should be left for all the points to sink in.

Uber - Ooo bur
pyro - Pie row

The script:

I cant offer money or any publicity (Yet ;D), but I can offer my gratitude! I've been pulling strings together for this video, and after I get the voice of the video, I'll be able to tie the final knot. I think with all the efforts, this video will finally put me on the map. Any contributions will be forever remembered. (

You can reach me at
While I don't have a solid need for a deadline, I want the lines in within 2-3 weeks.
Why don't you voice it yourself? o-O

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