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unjustice comedy injustice2 abridged parody machinima harleyquinn injustice batman

Machinima Unjustice
This is a Comedy Machinima based on the Video Game Injustice 2.
This is an unpaid original project using preexisting assets.
An over the top Bat obsessed Batman and and his annoying sidekick Robin take crime fighting to the next level....Murder? The dynamic duo will do whatever it takes to enforce justice! (Even if it means revealing the secret identities of other heroes or even taking a life or two...)  Along the way Batman and Robin join forces with the likes of a confused Harley Quinn, an insecure Green Arrow (and more) as they battle an incoherent Superman and his super friends for no apparent reason.


*Available Roles Major*

*Over the top Christian Bale style performance, American, Male*
-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Bat landing....Of darkness"

Line 2 "I'm not your dad, I'm Batman"

line 3 "swear to meee!"

*Young, whiny, American, Male*
-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "God dad, we've been flying around Gotham for 4 hours. I'm bored"

Line 2 "Ugh I hate you. I'm going to push every button in here till something fun happens"

Line 3 "And I'm fine by the way, thanks for asking"

Harley Quinn -Role Filled-

*Young, Jersey Accent, American, Female* 

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "I dare ya ta hit me in tha face"

Line 2 "Here we go..."


*Young/Middle Age, Strong/Confident, American, Male*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "If that's what it takes"

Line 2 "Get the hell out of here"

Line 3 "That blew up in my FACE!"

Wonder Woman -Role Filled-

*Young/Middle Age, Strong/Confident, Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Now prepare yourself, you're gonna die!"

Line 2 "Hey that's mine!"

Green Arrow

*Young/Middle Age, Unconfident/Weak, American, Male*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "You see that? She took my wife"

Line 2 "Can you not hit on my girlfriend?"


*Young, Emo, American, Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "*crying* I thought they were sending me to the neighbors, why am I in space?"

Line 2 "But Clark is so weird and he smells like brown kryponite"

Black Canary

*Young, American, Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "What year is it 1992?"

Line 2 "That is NOT how it works!"

Line 3 "You know macho BS phrases like "testicular fortitude" are wasted on me right?"

*Available Roles Minor*

Cyborg -Role Filled-
*Young/Middle Age, Goofy, Asian, Male*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Ugh oh, Oh no batman!"

Supergirl's mom
*Middle Age, American, Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Cara stop being such a whiny brat. It's just a week"

*Young, Nerdy, American, Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Dammit batman, call me oracle!"

Line 2 "Seriously?"

Guard 1 -Role Filled-

*Male or female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "It's freezing out here"

Guard 2

*Male or Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "It's 98 degrees!"

Guard 3

*Male or Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Huh? What the hell is going on over there? AUGH!"

Guard 4 -Role Filled-
*male or female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "dying noises"

Guard 5

*Male or Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "You're killing meeee! *quickly chokes to death*"

Guard 6

*Male or Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Hough! *Dying noise*"

Guard 7 -Role Filled-
*Male or Female*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Oh god, please dont kill me I have a husband and kids"

Doctor -Role Filled-
*Nerdy, male*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Is that Bradley? I think I went to church with that guy"

Dom (Prisoner)

*Tough Guy, Male*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Whoa, what's that smell? Is that a clipboard? I hate those. Those are gross!"

Prisoner 1
*Tough guy, Male*

-Sample Lines-

Line 1 "Clark Kent is superman? Oh man, I'm telling everyone I've ever met right now!"

No particular file naming is required. Prefer WAV. files, audio must be good quality.

Please E mail your auditions to me @ Thanks and I look forward to hearing your auditions!

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