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unpaid elves wood war campaign warhammer 2m 2 game for total

Video Game 2M for Total War : Warhammer 2 Wood Elves Campaign
Hey all, I am looking for two male voice actors for a campaign which, unlike my Dark Elves Campaign, this has been completed it is a series of 10 episodes all of which are on my youTube channel. Here is the 1st episode so you can see what I have created.


The finished product will be similar to my Dwarf campaign, here is a link to this so you can get an idea of the finished product.

Dwarf Campaign Ep 1

I had lots of great feedback from Reddit and in the comments on my videos, a couple did say the script lacked a bit of a fantasy warhammer feel and one kind man has agreed to help me modify my original Wood Elves script (which you can see in ep 1 above). So the audition lines are taken from his new script which will be used instead of the one above and for all the other videos in the series. 

Project Description

So I am looking for someone who can voice Orion (link to details on character)  and someone else who can play his main general, to help get an idea of a voice here is a video from the person who does the voice acting for the game.

Orion Speeches

For his general you can create your own voice, as long as you make it Elf sounding, if you can do both voices feel free to post an audition for each role. This is not a paid project but you will have a credit in the title sequence of each video and a link to any social media in the description (youtube,twitter,facebook, email etc...). The general has not as many lines as Orion so it is a bit smaller part, just so you are aware.

Audition Lines

The cold winds of winter have passed
and now is the time for me to walk among my people once more.

Our home of Athel Loren lies endangered, the Asrai are attacked on many fronts.
For too long have we remained on the defence, repelling those who dare trespass.

Send Files

Interested in joining the project send me the lines to in MP3 or Wav. Nice and clear without any background noise and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


I will close this post in two weeks and then contact the people who have been successful and then start sending scripts out. As the main video creation has been done I can put the voices in and then move onto the next one, so hopefully the project will not take to long depending on how quickly you can get the voice over done. There is no rush so just do them as soon as you can.

Cheers for reading and I hope to hear of you soon

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