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male role ghoul 4 character mod one fallout

Video Game Fallout 4 Mod - One Male Role, Ghoul Character
I'm creating a mod for the video game Fallout 4 and I'm looking for a male voice actor to play the lead role. Due to my original voice actor dropping out I'm having to recast this role. The mod is titled "The Secret of Huntress Manor: A Far Harbor Story" and takes place within the Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor. All the scripts are written and ready to be sent out as soon as I find an actor.

Mod Description
Far to the south of Far Harbor, just off the coast of The Island, lies Huntress Island. Hidden amongst the fog and the blasted trees, known only to the wolves, lies Huntress Manor. It has been locked up for over four hundred years, even since the mysterious death of its owner: eccentric but brilliant scientist Professor Reginald Gideon Sebastian Hunter. It is this mysterious Manor that has drawn Ronald the Ghoul to Far Harbor where he seeks the help from on his latest adventure. Ronald has come into possession of a mysterious box which could not be opened by any key, any lockpick, or by force. After much research Ronald has discovered that the secret to unlocking the box lies in the halls of Huntress Manor.

This mod aims to expand on the existing lore of the Fallout universe of the Dunwich building in Fallout 3 and Dunwich Borers of Fallout 4. It will draw the player into the mysterious and occult world of the ancient god Ug-Qualtoth who, after his four hundred year sleep, seeks to cover the entire world in his fog. Ronald and the player will have to travel the length and breadth of The Island to make sure that doesn’t happen. Or does.

Character Description - Ronald the Ghoul
Ronald travels the length and breadth of the United States looking for adventure and his latest has brought him to Far Harbor. He has found a locked box and believes the secret to unlocking its treasures is hidden within Huntress Manor, located on Huntress Island and was once home to a brilliant scientist called Professor Hunter. Ronald enlists the player to help unlock the box and the secret of Huntress Manor.
Ronald loves adventure. He is easily excitable and that excitement sometimes verges on childlike. He is probably the friendliest person a post-apocalyptic adventurer could hope to meet. He always as a smile on his face, is slow to anger and doesn’t take offence easily. While admirable, these traits often lead Ronald into sticky situations when he charges head-on to deal with a problem, leaving him in over his head. The wasteland has yet to defeat him, however, and each adventure under his belt is another story to tell; that’s the most important thing for Ronald. The only time Ronald gets angry is when his ghoulification is mocked.
Ronald has roughly 264 lines.
Ghouls in the Fallout franchise generally have deep, gravelly voices. Ronald's voice should be on the less severe end of the ghoul-voice scale to reflect his friendly, up-beat attitude.

Lines and Context

Line 1:
The player meets Ronald for the first time. Ronald is pretty much the only friendly person living in Far Harbor.
"Hey there. I don’t think we’ve met yet. The name’s Ronald, pleased to meet you."

Line 2:
Ronald is talking to someone who has never seen a ghoul before. He becomes angry when that person calls him a demon and defends his ghoul status with pride.
"Watch who you're calling "demon", buddy. I'm a ghoul!"

Line 3:
The player has just opened a mysterious box and scary things are starting to happen. Ronald is freaked out by this and is starting to wonder if he has made a mistake going on this adventure.
"What the hell was that? Did you hear a voice? It sounded like something smashed open the basement door!"

To audition you can either create an audition on the Casting Call Club page:
Or email lines to me at:
The deadline is: Friday 8th September 2017

Other Work
For reference, here are links to some of my past mod work:
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Hilda Hughes: An Institute Story:
Vault 494: A Vault-Tec Story:
Audition sent Big Grin
Sent ya an audition. I have equipment for voice recording, I used an app for the audition.
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