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fighting in vas of wave 1 crossover game need

Video Game Crossover fighting game in need of VAs (Wave 1)
Hello, Voiceacting Space.

I am the head of a crossover fighting video game that is currently in earlier phases of development. Even though this may be a fan-made game, I will make certain in the end that it is not short of any quality. In order to establish this promise as truth, I will be needing voice actors to portray both canonical and originally-created characters. If you contact us at the e-mail we are currently utilizing (, we will send you some demo audition lines, depending on your gender. To keep in mind, this is a fighting game, with lots of differing dialogue, so many sounds will need to be recorded (including reactions to pain). Unfortunately, we are unable to offer pay at this point in time, but if you are still available in the future, it is possible that we could get that sorted out. Due to the fact that existing characters will be used, this game will be entirely free to play.
Download for male audition info

Current Deadline - Sep 02, 2017 @ 11:59:59 PM GMT

Thanks for your consideration and forgive us for the short note,
-New Bloods Dev Crew
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