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male female living theater machinima m of f the night included mst3k not dead science

Machinima Science not included theater: Night of the living dead. M/F
Ever watch MST3K and wonder whatever happened to that alternate timeline Crow from time chasers? Well, he ended up in pretty much the same situation. Except this time he's trapped who knows where with a slightly more attractive captive than Joel or Mike.

Crow and his friend find themselves trapped in a never-ending cycle of really crappy movies and the taunting of a lame wannabe super villain looking for the precise frequency in the Human brain that causes insanity, hoping to use it to be able to... you guessed it... take over the world. Or sell it to Disney.

Requirements: MUST have sense of humor as well as HQ audio. Absolutely no bad audio. I don't need a crow clone, just good enough. The female character is kind of a slob. She may look pretty, but she's basically the Dave Lister of red dwarf type. I'll post auditions soon, but if you have demo reels or want to make something yourself, go ahead. They'll be enduring the colorized version of night of the living dead for their first experiment.

Joke examples: Crow: Old glory never looked so pastel. Koroko: So he's adding breaking and entering, theft, destruction of private property, arson and worst of all, assault on a white woman in the 1960's to hist list of offenses. One way or the other, he's not gettin' out of this alive. Crow: Coming soon to AMC: Fear this old house of the walking dead! Koroko: He'll be back to reinforce the barricades later... as soon as he finds some real nails.

Send demos to:

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This looks neat but can we please get a deadline on this ( see the rules) cheers!
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There's no deadline right now since I'm not officially casting. But I would like to get it done by October.
Would love to audition, when are you accepting those?
TBH they didn't come back and didn't edit their post, I ought to have locked this one! if OP wants to write a proper post feel free to DM me and I'll re-open. Late replies like this are why we insist on deadlines!
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