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rings unpaid new roles of the rts mod added lord

Video Game [UNPAID] Lord of the Rings RTS mod (NEW ROLES ADDED)
UPDATE: The first deadline has passed. There are still some high priority scripts that need further auditions, as outlined in the link in the OP. For those I am extending the deadline to the 25th. When I've postesd more scripts, I will update this thread.

If you are interested or know anyone that is, do contact me!
UPDATE: We are now looking for someone to voice a very central character: Celeborn, lord of the Galadhrim. Celeborn is an Elf lord of great wisdom and experience. Sounding similar to the character as portrayed by Marton Csokas in Fellowship of the Ring is a plus, but absolutely not a requirement. We are just looking for someone who can sound like an ancient, wise Elf.
We're starting a second round of auditions on the remaining high priority scripts. Several new ones were added, see the OP for the link. Deadline is November 10th. I look forward to any and all auditions!
Bumping this thread!

We are now looking for Dwarf voices! The first two scripts that I'm looking to find actors for are below:

Mood: Pensive, wise, intelligent, emphatic, joyous. Balin is an old Dwarven sage and wiseman and the King’s first counselor. He’s a capable warrior in his own right, but does not see violence as a solution and can be hesitant to resort to it.
Sound: Kenn Stott as Balin, as closely as possible. There are plenty of clips on Youtube to listen to.
Setting: This is an RTS game. Each line, especially things like combat speech, is delivered in-the-moment by the character and should therefore sound immediate, without any poetic distance or formulating.

Sample lines: 
Balin. At your service.
Have we exhausted all alternatives?
Go now, with as much luck as you can muster.

A good life is worth more than gold.
Hardly the stuff of legend…


Mood: Aggressive, loyal to his own, powerful. Dwalin is a professional Dwarven soldier, fearless warrior, and unquestioning lieutenant to his king, Thorin Oakenshield.
Sound: Graham McTavish as Dwalin, as closely as possible. Voice must be low, grumbly, powerful. There are plenty of clips on Youtube to listen to.
Setting: This is an RTS game. Each line, especially things like combat speech, is delivered in-the-moment by the character and should therefore sound immediate, without any poetic distance or formulating.

Sample lines:
Dwalin. At your service.
Come on, I can take em!
Lead me to the enemy.
My hammer is restless.

If you'd like to audition, please refer to my account here for contact details. The first deadline for these two auditions is March 10th.
Two new roles, ready for your auditions!

The first is the Vault Warden, a special Dwarf unit. This script is relatively light on lines.

Mood: Serious, dutiful. The Vault Wardens are a specialized Dwarf unit that excel in tunnel warfare – one dwarf holds a tower shield, another a spear. They provide armor bonuses to friendlies and speed debuffs to the enemy.
Accent: Preferably Northern English. Scottish otherwise.

We are Vault Wardens.
Unmatched in close quarters.
We’re here to keep you safe.
Vault Wardens, attack!
For Thorin! For the King!
Hold the line!

The second is Rivendell Elves, elite units in the Rivendell faction. This script is large because the VA will cover all four units. It's also got a bunch of Elvish, for those unafraid of such things.

Mood: Ephemeral, wise, powerful, determined to protect the sanctuary of Rivendell. The Elves of Rivendell have spent, at minimum, a thousand years studying arts and combat. In Age of the Ring, they are elite units.
Accent: Received pronunciation. For help with Elvish pronunciation, contact us on Discord. Elvish used here is a mix of Sindarin and Quenya – not particularly lore friendly, but it should sound pretty good.

We fight to protect the Last Homely House.
Ma istanyel? (Do I know you?)
Cut them down!
For Imladris!
Protect the Valley!
We will not leave Middle-earth to its fate.
You do not stand alone.
Elves of Rivendell!
Hado I phillin!
Stop them in their tracks!

For those interested, my contact details are in my profile. First deadline for these roles is March 19th.
The below audition is a special one: we want two voices, male and female, for this unit, as they will be a mixed battalion.


Mood: Serious, unafraid, wise and particularly ethereal, even amongst Elves. These Elves are a group led by Gildor Inglorion, wandering the wilds of Northern Eriador. In The Fellowship of the Ring, they scared off a Black Rider that threatened to overtake Frodo and friends, and then offered the Hobbit advice and sent word to other friendly agents in the region, informing them of Frodo’s plight, including the ranger Aragorn.

Accent: Received Pronunciation. Some lines are in various forms of Elvish.

When selected:
Not much longer will we linger here.
The time of the Elves is over.
Soon we shall all fade beneath the trees.
The Utter West calls us.
Is there time for a song?
Speak to Gildor. He knows what to do.

Prevent their incursion.
We will keep this land safe.
The Enemy must be stopped!
They cannot enter here!

The deadline is the same as the previous auditions: March 19th.

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