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Electric Vicuña Productions Here :)
Hey Folks! 
Thanks so much for the invite Azure, I really appreciate it.
Just wanted to wish everyone the best on this site. I love how it's set out and look forward to listening to all the great productions.

I run the Sonic Society Podcast a weekly showcase of modern audio drama for almost 15 years now (yes we're the Grandfathers of audio drama podcasting). If you have a show that you'd like to have the world hear we'd be happy to play it (as long as its not fan fiction we can't do that anymore )
I also write, produce, and occasionally act myself. You can hear our original productions on the EVP Podcast

Or from our Productions site at Electric Vicuña
I also am perpetually looking for a nice catalogue of actors who want to work for the love of it (aka free) on a radio drama series. I write a lot of them. Many anthology shows like: The Dead Line (Murders, Mayhem and Mysteries), The Wavefront (Science Fiction and Dystopic drama), Darker Musings (the strange and unusual), Action Adventure Audio Theatre (Stories of action and intrigue), and of course original serials like Spaceways Starring Biff Straker (a Flash Gordon like pulp hero), Flight of the Airmen (19th century aerial adventures), Graves Shift starring Phillipa Graves (Detective noir) and many others.
Love to know about you all, feel free to listen in, subscribe contact me, or what have you! 
I missed this when you posted as I got injured not long after. Welcome to the site
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]

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