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new horror short arrivals the

Audio Drama New Arrivals (Horror Short)
Hello, everyone! I hope you're all doing well! I'm currently working on a horror short and need a few voices to help me out. The short will be about 10 to 15 minutes long and will feature violence, and strong language. The threat is of a non-zombie variety. What is it? Well, I guess you'll have to wait and find out! 

Synopsis: Freelance Journalist Liz is on the trail of her missing sister. She discovers that multiple people in the small town have also gone missing in the last month. After a string of dead ends, she finally manages to get in contact with a woman who claims to have seen her sibling. However, this woman is in bad shape and is spending time at a local clinic. Liz confronts and discovers the woman, Maggie, has seen her sister. Maggie is taken away by her doctors, and Liz vows to get answers. 

Later that night, she is contacted by Lee, one of her sources. He is distraught and tells her to lock up. Before Lee can elaborate the phone dies. Liz then hears her street slowly plunge into chaos. It's subtle at first. A car alarm here. A police siren there. But soon she is attacked by one of her friends, and kills him in self defense. As the stakes start to rise, Liz must ask herself a question. How far is she willing to go to find the answers she's looking for?



ROLE: Main
Voice Type: Medium
Traits: A little stubborn, Kind-hearted, Able to control her emotions in high leverage moments, 

Bio: Liz is a freelance journalist. She has been following a case involving her missing sister, Lyla. Delving deeper she finds out that multiple people have also disappeared around the same time as her sibling. She finds Maggie, someone who has supposedly seen Lyla. Liz is very much a family person. Despite being stubborn at times, she is able to step aside if the situation calls for it. Liz has also found herself in several life-threatening situations. Thanks to these experiences, she is able to remain composed in even the toughest situations. She is driven by the guilt of not being there when Lyla went missing. She is determined to make amends.

Line 1: (with certainty) She's hiding something, Lee. I just have to get it out of her. I'm headed back there tonight.

Line 2: (cutting someone off)  What if she's not? I've been searching for a month, this might be the only lead I'll ever have!

Line 3: (slightly emotional) Please. We need your help....

Line 4: (concern turning into a horrible realization) I'm...I'm gonna find a way down there, okay? Don't---

TAYLOR: CAST TO Cedric Reeve
ROLE: Minor
Voice Type: Any
Gender: Male

Bio: Taylor is a doctor that manages to survive the "incident". He and some of his patients are hiding from the threat. He communicates with Liz through walkie talkie.

Line 1: (concern) Laura if you can hear me, please answer.

Line 2: One of my patients is seriously hurt. Did you two find the first aid kits Laura had?

Line 3: We're located in a maintenance work room on the east side of the building. Please... Can you make it?

ROLE: Minor
Voice Type: Any

Bio: Lyla is Liz's sister. She disappeared without a trace about a month ago. She cares deeply for Liz and notices that Liz's work is making her more distant. 

Line 1: (excited) Hey! You're coming to visit right?

Line 2: (a little disappointed) Dad really wants to see you, you know?

Ok many thanks to all who took the time to audition! It was a very hard selection process but I have decided above on the cast. Again, thanks to all who auditioned. If this turns out well and is well received, I may turn this into a series. Please stay tuned for the final product coming at you by the end of the month!
Will get mine in tomorrow Smile
Thank you all for the auditions! This will be up till 11PM tomorrow!
Ok so Thank You to all who auditioned! The call is now closed! (Late I know -__-) Cast List will be up around 3:00pm EST. Thank you all so much!
Cast list up. Please refer back to the first post!
!!!! Thank you Big Grin

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