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songs singers collab for looking

Looking for Singers for collab songs!
Hi everyone! Me and my friend are creating music using a mix of electronic and trombone and we are looking for singers! Looking for people with great voices who are able to sing along to the songs AND add their own elements. 

We are making a few songs, some slow scary, some fun and poppy. 
So please get in contact and send me a vocal sample of your singing to as soon as possible! 

(We are only making songs for the next 2 months) But we are very fast at getting the finished product online (Soundcloud, youtube, spotify) 
Once your vocals are sent through we will probably get the song done within a week or 2 for you to enjoy.

Heres an example of the sort of tunes we make! (one song with quest vocalist)

Looking for any vocalists, both male and female. Please send through an example of your vocal work.
Deadline: 13th July

- Nathan

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