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super ball dragon clips freeza

Fan Project Dragon Ball Super :: Freeza clips
More on the way.


Might be best to hear with headphones.

Full Vid:
(password is 'freeza')

Son Goku / Editor :: Ryusuke
Freeza :: Pgirts
Uranai Baba :: SakasaJinei
Ghost Assistant / Assassin :: Pokejedservo


Same clip, but with PGirts. Will be posting 30 seconds from the clip only because of copyright instead of the audio only. 

Full clip (Password: freeza):

Son Goku / Demon Guide :: Ryusuke (WrBlPro)
Freeza :: PGirts
Very nice mixing, liked the voices too. I think in a few places Goku's voice was a tad too loud or close to the mic. It's a small quibble though in a solid clip!
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Late reply, but thanks for the feedback!
No problem Smile
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
New clip up. I probably need to find a new place to upload stuff since is going to get shot down

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