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sound in forge humble the bundle audio studio

Sound Forge in the Humble Bundle
If you've been after what I'm told is a decent piece of audio software, the current Humble Software bundle has Sound Forge for only $12

Quote:With Sound Forge Audio Studio you have the ideal tool for recording, editing and optimizing music and sound. Digitize, repair or restore rare LPs and tapes and create your own podcasts and karaoke tracks. Record music and sound from almost any source with Sound Forge Audio Studio by simply connecting a microphone or instrument directly to the sound card output. Classic Sound Forge tools and plugins are included in the software, enabling you to archive high quality acoustics in your tracks and then burn them to CD.

  • Powerful recording and editing tools for professional sound recordings with resolutions of up to 24 bit/192 kHz

  • Advanced tools for recording and restoring vinyl records

  • Modify audio files with more than 30 integrated audio effects and plugins such as the Resonant filter or Vocal Eraser

  • Integrated function for creating layouts and burning CDs for individual tracks or in Disc At Once mode

Do let me know if any of you buy it, I may at that price even if I just use it to write tutorials for the site.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
I bought it last night, but sadly it's not compatible with Linux, so I'll have to wait till I'm back behind my Windows 7 pc.
Looks great, though I seem to be getting mixed messages from reviews and steam user reviews.

But for £10ish the whole bundle is worth a purchase anyway. It includes a really good Password Manager, a decent Antivirus for 3 devices and a VPN.

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