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s pokejedservo kingoffightersxiii project palooza past phoenixwright audioplay thebreakfastclub punchout visualnovel

Pokejedservo's Past Project Palooza!
Ladies & Gentlemen, here is a casting call that is for not one but three different older projects that I worked on in the past but were never finished & released for various certain reasons. (Certain actors couldn't turn their lines in on time, my personal issues kept getting in the way, lost some data a few years ago during a computer transfer.) So I thought I try to revive certain projects that I tried to work but didn't finish (well at least in this decade) by putting the available roles back up for audition! The projects here are Phoenix Wright Shorts Double Feature, What if Ryuji Yamazaki was in KOF XIII? and The Breakfast Club Alternate Version. I will explain what these projects are...

Phoenix Wright Shorts Double Feature
A little series of short fanfic stories done by myself based off of Capcom's Ace Attorney Video Game series (though the first installment will also be a crossover with Nintendo's Punch-Out series). You can read them at...

This production will be for an audioplay.

What if Ryuji Yamazaki was in King of Fighters XIII?
Based off of the King of Fighters fighting game series from SNK namely King of Fighters XIII it was one of the latest fighting games that included pre-battle banter between the character your playing as and his/her opponent in which its often played as comical taunting. In this fic you see is if known fan favorite-villain Ryuji Yamazaki is a playable character in which here he spends his time here taunting the other opponents often in various darkly comic ways and how they react. You can read it here at...

This production will be in a sort-of Visual Novel esque production using character portraits from the game styled like the Pre-Battle Banter in the actual game. (Though I may also do an Audioplay version of this at least via previews.)

(Most of the Characters have been cast, Claire Standish is still available.)
The Breakfast Club Alternate Version Audioplay
This is my extensive & somewhat modernized rewrite of the classic 1985 High School Teen Movie "The Breakfast Club" about 5 High School Students from different cliques are stuck in Detention together whom have gradually learned to befriend one another despite going through a lot of tense & angry moments over the course of the day. While this new version does change certain aspects of the characters (in the original story the 5 teens were complete strangers at first but in this version two of them were are already friends). But the original movie was rated R for having lots of profanity (among a few other things) this version will maintain that aspect so viewer discretion is advised but you can read it here at...

This will be an Audioplay but it will be separated into multiple parts due to the sheer length of the story here so keep this in mind.

You can find all the audition lines and info here at...

Oh yes and some may notice the lack of a Deadline, well due to the unique nature of this CC that was kind of intentional. Now don't get me wrong this is not "First come first serve". But the initial plan here is that the casting will begin with one of the projects until all (or nearly all) of the roles have a few auditions each then I will cast and begin sending out the scripts. However for the sake of the argument I will set the deadline for this at...


I may cast certain roles beforehand if the amount of auditions goes good but there is a good chance that I will cast certain roles after the deadline though if things go well. Anyways my e-mail addresses and audition info are in that Google Docs page. However if you do send any auditions to me please put in a reply here that you did (especially if you need them to send them via or a site like that). Hope to hear from you all soon. Oh yes and here are the characters whom have been cast so far...

(Phoenix Wright/Punch-Out)
Phoenix Wright- Ryusuke (US: nine arts dragon, synthwizardry, CaptainLazar)
Mia Fey- Mandy M. Bailey (US: Julia Eve, Redhead)
Maya Fey- PrincessRil (US: mankindsbadhabits, tdecrotie90)
Franziska Von Karma- andrastae (US: Julia Eve)
April May- Redhead (US: Julia Eve)
Little Mac- SSC_Josh (US: CaptainLazor, Scottyoka, Pokejedservo)
Doc Louis- RMP321 (US: Pokejedservo)
Aran Ryan- Pokejedservo
Don Flamenco- R. Douglas Barbieri (US: Nicholas Cruz, Pokejedservo)
Super Macho Man- RMP321 (US: Pokejedservo)

(King Of Fighters)
Ryuji Yamazaki- Mugar (US: Nicholas Cruz, Pokejedservo)
Clark Still- RMP321 (US: Pokejedservo)
Goro Daimon- Pokejedservo
Hwa Jai- 8BitPandaX (US: AnathJ, Pokejedservo)
Billy Kane- AnathJ (US: Pokejedservo)
Sie Kensou- Ryusuke (US: Pop Chief, Scottyoka, Pokejedservo)
Kyo Kusanagi- Scottyoka (us: SSC_Josh, Ryusuke, AnathJ)
K'- Geordan (US: Nicholas Cruz, AnathJ)
Maxima- R. Douglas Barbieri (US: Pokejedservo)
Raiden- Pokejedservo
Robert Garcia- Pokejedservo
Takuma Sakazaki- CWarzynskiVA (US: Pokejedservo)
Terry Bogard- AnathJ (US: Nicholas Cruz, Pokejedservo)
Vice- Julia Eve (US: Emily Wylie)
Yuri Sakazaki- TBA (Scouting)

(Breakfast Club)
Allison Reynolds (both speaking & singing)- PrincessRil (US: mankindsbadhabits)
Claire Standish- TBA (Scouting)
Mr. Standish- R. Douglas Barbieri (US: PandaPopper, Pokejedservo)
Mr. Clark- R. Douglas Barbieri (US: Pokejedservo)

Alright yes Yuri Sakazaki & Cliare Standish have still not been cast yet but I will just simply scout around for those roles (besides I do think this CC has gone on for long enough.)
Sent you my audition for breakfast club Big Grin
Got them, thank you.
Okay folks, the deadline is today so I hope to hear some auditions from you all sometime.
Well Ladies & Gents I have extended the deadline, I admit I was initially thinking of extending the deadline to October but since I did get some good last-minute auds from Anath and Nick Cruz I am getting a bit closer regarding King of Fighters. But I am still lacking in female auds (particularly Mia Fey, April May, Yuri Sakazaki & Claire) so I still don't have enough auditions to completely cast any one of the 3 projects listed here. So in other words I need more female auditions but I can certainly be cool with male auditions as well.
will send auditions for the breakfast club once this cold is over
Alright I will look forward to that.
(08-02-2017, 07:32 PM)ChibiJen88 Wrote: will send auditions for the breakfast club once this cold is over

Well I hope you are feeling better as today is the deadline and I would like to have more auds for Claire and/or Allison's Singing Voice if at all possible.
Well folks I extended the deadline once again, I have my reasons. (Such as I am still a bit lacking in female auditions though mainly just Yuri Sakazaki this time). That and some potential auditioners couldn't really get the chance to due to the Hurricane Season and the like and more.

However I do think this will be the last time I extend the deadline without casting anyone though.
And closed! For now...

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