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university advantage taking of college education advice

Taking advantage of University/College
Hello again everyone!

To all the students of Voice Acting Space, I advise you to take advantage of university as much as possible!

As a Cyber Security student I've been pestering all the lecturers I can for opportunities. I've recently been booked into the recording studio for free to record for my projects, while my mic is repaired by Audio Technica. I've also been able to voice for a couple of games made by game development students.
University isn't just for getting a degree and drinking copious amounts of beer - Make connections, take advantage of everything!
  • Contact your Performing Arts department asking for feedback on your demos and other performances!
  • Ask to be considered for any projects they might have in the future, even if you're on a completely unrelated course!
  • Contact the students or lecturers in the GamesProgramming and Games Design department and offer your talents as a voice actor! Students will appreciate the free help!
  • Meet with lecturers and charm the pants off of them in order to make yourself memorable and get yourself more opportunities!
Remember to be friendly yet persistent. Show that you're serious and determined, but also build a good rapport with students and staff alike.
Good luck everyone!
I wish I'd realised this was possible when I went to uni. Some universities have their own radio stations so that could be another way in.
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
So while taking advantage of university I did a thing in the recording studio -

I'll be playing several characters in this up and coming Warhammer mod -

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