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ups? over ups favourite warm voice singing acting

Favourite Voice acting warm ups?
What are your favourite warm ups for voice acting? I think my personal favourite is just going sssssss sssss ssssss, I can't honestly remember where I learned it but it feels like it helps to warm my voice quickly. This site has a good selection, though I don't always bother to do a full run before I record. My other big prerecord ritual is to drink a ton of water.  My ideal prep is to take a shower....but it's not always practical.

What do you guys do?
[Image: CoPQuxG.png]
Well considering i'm still a beginner and I only started auditioning a few months ago, I don't really know how to warm up "the right way". But what I usually do is drink water and read aloud for a minute. I should probably reconsider this though :')
Marcy Tongue
I yell a lot of obscenities very loudly. That's my warmup for everything, though. About 10-20 seconds worth gets me going good.
lol Have you ever had anyone call the cops when voice acting?
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Nope! No one in this part of my country speaks English, so that works to my advantage.

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