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noob voice acting

Voice Acting Noob
I always want to get into voice acting but I hardly have any experience unless podcasting counts as voice acting. I was wondering if I should jump right away on auditions that are looking for inexperienced voice actors or would it be best if I have a lessons from a voice over coach? The issue of having voice over lessons is my schedule since I work a lot in the day time.
tbh you don't have to commit to lessons unless you're sure you want to VA as a career. Since you don't have the time, I'd say first of all just record yourself acting. Recording auditions ( you don't have to send them if you're not happy with them), find scripts to record, heck even just record yourself reading aloud.  

Since you've podcasted you probably already know how to clean and edit your files, so really the only thing you should learn is vocal warm ups and mic technique which you can easily find on Youtube. Be Sure to check out our tutorial section too.

Feel free to share some clips on the forum and we can offer feedback from there.
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Bugger the Voice Acting Coach for now. Just dive straight in and have some fun!

As @Azure says, don't commit to lessons unless you're dead-set on having this as a career. And even then, look around and see who's reliable.

Enjoy voicing for anyone who will have you on board, and be sure to look up ways to improve your recordings in Audacity and any other software you use.
If there are sample transcripts I would use that will be helpful and I could practice. I also have Audacity installed in my computer. As far as making Voice acting as a career goes, it will be part time since I have been creating websites for a living but would love to do voice acting for fun.
Anything will do, try Project Gutenberg
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(06-06-2017, 06:43 PM)Azure Wrote: Anything will do, try Project Gutenberg

This is the first time I heard this site and not sure where to go from there do I get one of the ebooks and read them out loud with mic?
Yep, tbh it doesn't matter what you read! surely you must have books or comics in your house? I just suggested Gutenberg as it's legally free.
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